New Climate Action Policy (2024 to 2035)

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A new Green Templeton Climate Action Policy (2024 to 2035) was agreed by Governing Body at its June meeting.

Principal Sir Michael Dixon writes in the introduction

‘I am pleased to introduce the latest version of Green Templeton College’s Climate Action Plan. The college has been working hard on its sustainability since well before I became Principal in 2020, but the progress I have witnessed has been remarkable thus far and our ambitions are very far reaching.

‘Of course, organisations can always do more, and with better available funding we would like to go faster. Our ambition to match the University in becoming net-zero carbon by 2035 remains ambitious but I truly believe ambitious targets drive significant achievements.

We have much to do, but the plan is comprehensive and recognises areas we need to develop and improve as well as celebrating past achievements. In particular I am keen that we develop a mechanism to better report our progress against specific targets across a wide range of issues, but this is in hand.’

GCR Environmental Representative Kelsey Monteith (MSc Nature, Society and Environmental Governance, 2023) writes

‘It has been an honour and a privilege to work so closely with students and staff across the Green Templeton Community over this past year as the college’s environmental representative.

‘Green Templeton College has shown, and continues to show, a remarkable commitment to sustainability and continue to find ways to push this further, shown through our new Climate Policy and comprehensive Action Plan.

‘Although my time at this college may be drawing to a close, I am confident that this will lay the foundations for Green Templeton to become a sustainability leader within the University of Oxford, and beyond and I look forward to seeing this progress in the future.’

Highlights from the plan


Green Templeton has aligned university targets to achieving

  • Net zero carbon for scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2035.
  • Net zero carbon for scope 3 by 2035
  • Net gain for Biodiversity by 2035 (20%)


The college is reviewing its operational assets in line with a recent Heat Decarbonisation Plan, so work can begin on reducing the emissions and the impact from its operational assets. The delivery plan will be reported in our annual report each year.

Operational Plan

The college’s Climate Action Plan is a working document behind the new policy, which details both the high level and operational level actions to achieve the overarching goal of net zero carbon emissions and net gain biodiversity. The plan covers:

  • Setting the infrastructure
  • Carbon
  • Energy
  • Biodiversity
  • Waste Management
  • Food and drink
  • Water
  • Purchasing
  • Engagement
  • Social
  • Finance
  • Travel
  • Monitoring


The Sustainability Working Group is to represent the college community with staff, fellows (including a member of Governing Body) and students represented. It is the owner of the Climate Action Plan, and this policy, and holds the responsibility of driving the planned developments and keeping these documents relevant. The working group reports to Buildings Committee, which in turn reports to Governing Body.

To address our wider climate change responsibilities Governing Body will be fully involved in the decision making and support where possible to achieve our ambitious target.

Read full Green Templeton Climate Action Policy (2024 to 2035)

Created: 24 June 2024