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Green Templeton is pleased to announce the Nautilus Award winners 2024, honouring students who have gone beyond the call of duty and responsibility to contribute to the college.

The annual awards are bestowed in three categories: Academic, College Citizenship and Sport. The awards were presented at the annual Spotlight on Green Templeton reception on Thursday 20 June by Principal Sir Michael Dixon.

Congratulations to the winners and all those highly commended!


Winner: Marwa M.A. Elbasheer (DPhil Population Health, 2020)

Marwa was instrumental in establishing the Black Students’ Society and was editor-in-chief of the society’s journal, offering a platform for colleagues to share their perspectives. Through this initiative, Marwa not only encouraged writing but also heightened awareness within the college community about issues pertinent to black students and alumni.

While dealing with the extraordinarily difficult situation of war in Sudan – an experience which she thoughtfully and generously wrote about – as well as her demanding academic work on cancer inequalities, Marwa has led fundraising efforts to help Sudan, and has been a kind and quietly energetic presence in the community.

She has also appeared on the panel at an Atlas workshop, giving advice to students thinking about future doctoral study, and regularly contributed to the college EDI Forum as GCR Black Students’ representative. Marwa has curated an environment of support and understanding at college that will be long lasting.

Highly Commended: Trishna Desai (DPhil Population Health, 2018)

As a key leader in the Global Health Society, Trishna is committed to the initiative and its academic success. She has promoted a friendly environment, helped to organise online and in person events, discussions, socials, and trips for students interested in global health across college and the university. Trishna has dedicated many hours to the society, and also helped to organise and deliver two symposia on Global Child Health at Green Templeton. As a college ambassador for OxWEST (Oxford Women in STEM), she has also invited college members to present and participate in initiatives to promote women in STEM across the university.

Highly Commended: Vithushanan Ketheeswaranathan (Clinical Medicine, 2021)

Vithushanan led the organisation and implementation of an early teaching programme for 4th year medical students, while balancing the demands of his own busy final year as a medical student. This involved recruiting over fifteen final-year medical students as tutors, advertising the sessions to 4th years, and ensuring any gaps in the weekly teaching were filled to provide equal opportunities and practice for every student. Furthermore, Vithushanan personally mentored a group of five, fourth-year students through the programme, offering tailored support and guidance to enrich their learning journey. This early teaching for fourth-year students in clinical examination will undoubtedly benefit them throughout their clinical years.

Highly Commended: Christiane Hagel (DPhil Clinical Medicine, 2019)

Christiane was an energetic driving force organising the Human Welfare Conference 2024, as well as a series of activities and events as President of the Oxford FemTech Society. She is actively engaged with other academic projects, including the Oxford Global Health Society and the Global Child Health Mini-Symposium (where this year she won the popular vote prize for her research poster, ‘One does not simply design a dashboard: Understanding performance dashboards for quality of newborn care efforts in Kenyan hospitals’). Christiane has given an enormous amount of time and energy to bringing high-quality research events to the college, and is frequently involved in student academic activities.

College Citizenship

Winner: MacKenzie Isaac (DPhil Population Health, 2023)

MacKenzie has embraced the role of GCR Vice President for Equality and Diversity and gone above and beyond to contribute and support students at college, ensuring events and activities are inclusive, cater for the diversity of the student body and support the overall welfare and well-being of the student community. Whether through coordinating the Diversity Dinner (standing in for the speaker at the last minute), participation in and commitment to the college’s Equality & Diversity Forum or initiating, running and facilitating a new Neurodiversity Advocacy Focus Group.

MacKenzie also secured financial support from the GCR to expand the existing library collection on mental health to include a comprehensive new collection of books on neurodiversity. She has been proactive in generating posters and publicity for this campaign and pioneered a practical wellbeing resource for students with provision of a ‘Reproductive Health Shelf’ in the Hayloft. Mackenzie has gone beyond a role that can be predominantly about advocacy with many practical on-the-ground initiatives and done this all with enthusiasm, sensitivity and diplomacy.

Highly Commended: Emily Rae Foreman (MPhil Comparative Social Policy, 2022)

Emily Rae has championed the Allotment Club since first joining the committee in 2023. She has attended weekly visits, facilitated new hands joining the plot, handles the social media engagement and runs events both in college and off site, including a repotting day for students on the main site and a wreath-making event in December. Emily Rae also acts as a liaison with the GCR, enabling the club to support college wide activities such as the SustainabiliTea and Green Action Week. Without her boundless enthusiasm, the Allotment Club would not be all that it has been this year.

Highly Commended: Michelle Yeung (DPhil Translational Health Sciences, 2022)

Michelle has invested significant time and effort into leading the committee to organise GTC Ball 2024. This is a large, voluntary role which involves liaising regularly with college staff as well as with members of the committee to ensure the planning and event runs smoothly. The Ball is a significant contribution to the student experience in college because it provides a quintessentially Oxford experience and a fitting farewell for those finishing.


Joint Winners: Katherine French (MBA, 2023) and Kathryn Pundyk (MSc Global Governance and Diplomacy, 2023)

Despite the challenges of river closures due to the high water this academic year, co-Captains Katherine and Kathryn have grown the women’s boat squad considerably and kept enthusiasm for rowing high despite the lack of water time. Together they have organised fun land workouts, which are always oversubscribed, and created an extremely supportive environment in which all feel welcome.

Taking on the role of rowing captain involves an enormous amount of time and effort. The role involves a large amount of administrative work, organising river outings, training sessions, as well as motivating a group of individuals to attend. Much of the success this year is as a result of Katherine and Kathryn’s leadership, which has helped the squad maintain a high level of sports-related success while creating a kind, supportive space for female athletes of all ability levels at Green Templeton. They have provided mentorship to incoming students, guidance through a difficult season, and friendship to all.

Highly Commended: Josefina Orliacq (DPhil Population Health, 2021)

As Boat Club kit officer and a long-standing member of the club, Josefina has introduced new kit products and negotiated with vendors to offer more affordable items for club members. She dedicates many hours to designing items, managing club orders and ensuring correct delivery. Josefina has also arranged for new club kit that can be borrowed so team members do not have to purchase them for races. She is a committed member of the club who has participated in multiple boat club races and events, always promoting a healthy and inclusive environment and welcoming new members.

Highly Commended: Patricia Lamirande (Doctoral Training Centre: Sustainable Approaches to Biomedical Science, 2021)

As Green Templeton Boat Club Secretary, and as a rower in the women’s first boat, Patricia is a positive force bringing energy, focus and organisation to the club helping to foster a supportive and welcome community. Patricia has also managed the college community choir – securing funding and organising the weekly sessions. Without Patricia stepping in short notice, the community choir would not have survived.

All Round

Winner: Alexander Hasson (DPhil Oncology, 2022)

As GCR president, Alexander has accepted the value of quality over quantity when it comes to what the GCR can do and accomplish within an academic year and it’s paid off. He has been a great leader and actively contributed to wider collegiate conversations and activities to ensure student voices are heard.

Alexander has worked hard to review and update the GCR constitution to ensure the current roles, remits and responsibilities are flexible and provide a clear platform for the future of the GCR. He has also ensured there will be continuation of engagement and support between one GCR and the next. Alexander also actively seeks out opportunities to support peers academically, emotionally, and socially, offering guidance and fostering a supportive and inclusive community.

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Created: 21 June 2024