Photography Competition 2022 Winner!

Jessica Ivie’s photo ‘The Embrace’ wins the 2022 photography competition.

There were again a range of creative images for the college’s annual competition, this year on the theme of ‘Gather’. 65 photographs were submitted for the judging panel to consider, offering many and varied interpretations of the theme in college, in Oxford and around the world.


Tightly framed image of two individual embracing one another, one with hand on others back

‘The Embrace’ – Jessica Ivie

The judges chose Jessica Ivie’s entry as their winner for being really human – with gathering being a big part of humanity. They also remarked on the emotional appeal of the image, with the tight framing being interesting and giving a sense of bringing them into the embrace.

Describing her photo, Jessica said:

‘The was taken during Torpids in March at the GTC boathouse. In this photo, rather than a gathering of people, it displays a gathering of hearts.

‘The woman in this photo is the rowing women’s captain, and she has sacrificed significantly to “gather the hearts” of our team. She has spent hundreds of hours training novices (at 06:00 in the cold) to rebuild a team that was largely disbanded due to the pandemic. She actively fought to maintain a supportive team culture in a sport that can turn toxic because club members usually compete against each other to get a spot in higher boats by working with each team member to find a space that best suited them.

‘During Torpids, she put herself in the lower boat so that a novice rower that she had trained could have the opportunity to race in the first boat; partially due to the inexperience of racers in the lower division, her first race was klaxoned, dashing her chances of earning blades (the ultimate goal of bumps racing).

‘In this photo, she is embracing a novice rower that she recruited and helped train who had just won blades, despite the pain of her loss. This embrace is the climax of the “gathering of hearts”; the gratitude and love seen on the face of the subject echoes the bonded sentiments of the team, achieved largely through the captain’s sacrifice.’

Jessica wins a £150 cash prize.

Honorable Mentions

The judges chose three further photos to receive an Honorable Mention when they met on Monday 20 June. Each Honorable Mention wins a £75 cash prize.

Cows gathered in centre of meadow of grass and yellow flowers

‘Cows Gathered’ – Nathaniel Hupert

Blades of oars gathered in foreground on grass by river with boat with rowers seated in background

‘Blades’ – Sarah Taylor

Graduates in gowns ready to enter Sheldonian Theatre

‘Graduates Assemble!’ – Henrietta Smethurst


The theme was ‘Gather’.

The judges sought a range of creative and imaginative interpretations of this theme – that can mean so many different things to different people. It might be to gather ideas or items. It might mean to gather in the sense of a meeting or party, or a protest or demonstration. It could easily mean something else!

Judging panel

Thank you to our five college members for giving their time to be on this year’s judging panel.

  • Isabella Camplisson, (Graduate Entry Medicine, 2021)
  • Renee Harbers Liddell, photographer and friend of college
  • Weimin He, Artist-in-Residence
  • Sir Michael Dixon, Principal
  • Dr Charles Roehr, Research Fellow

Thank you again to everyone who took the time to enter – more photos will be shared across the college’s social media channels over the coming weeks.

The Green Templeton College Photography Competition has been running since 2009, thanks to the generous support of the late neurologist Dr Elman Poole, who held a long interest in photography.

Created: 21 June 2022