Summer Eights 2019: Results for Green Templeton

The Green Templeton Boat Club is competing on the river between Wednesday 29 May and Saturday 1 June – come along each day to support the crews!

Friday 31 May 2019 results

Thursday 30 May 2019 results

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We apologize for being behind on our bumps racing updates! We've just been having too much fun! ….. M1: managed to bump up to third division yesterday after bumping Jesus and still rowing to the head, just for good measure, then being the sandwich boat and bumping New M2. M2: the first time GTC has an M2 in many a year this boat is starting off at the bottom of Div VII having bumped for two days now and looking strong for today! W1: Started on bung line 11 today. After an aborted start W1 set off in chase of Lady Margaret Hall W1. LMH had a good start and closed to the boat in front using the "fly or die tactic". However, GTC W1 were not to be denied and rapidly closed in on LMH to get the bump before Donnington Bridge. Will be chasing Wolfson W2 in the next race W2: After narrowly missing out on the over bump yesterday GTC W2 started on bung line 5 again. After a good start they closed the gap on New College II stroke by stroke achieving a well deserved bump in the middle of the gut and in the next race will chase Linacre II, looking for a little payback after narrowly missing the over bump on Linacre W2 on day 1. W3: Started on bung line 4 being chased by a St Benets crew who had just received a blessing from a monk. W3 had a much better start and row than Wednesday, but unfortunately the divine blessing from the St Benets's monk appeared to do the trick and GTC W3 got bumped. Hopefully bigger and better things tomorrow.

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Wednesday 29 May 2019 results

Women’s boats

Reports written by Steve Woodhouse

W1: After starting in position 12 in Div II, GTC W1 quickly pushed away from Worcester W1 and onto Exeter W1. GTC W1 rapidly got an overlap on Exeter who, after thinking about things for quite some time, decided to concede. So W1 moved up one and will start on bungline 11 in the next race

W2: In rather wet and windy conditions, W2 started in position 5 in Div IV. After a strong start, they pushed on to a length away from St John’s W2. Unfortunately St John’s bumped New College and so the long chase was on to catch Linacre. A really gutsy performance by W2 who reeled in Linacre W2 stroke by stroke, causing Linacre to run to the other side of the river to narrowly escape being over bumped by GTC.

W3: After many changes in the lineup, W3 pushed off the raft and practised starts as a crew for the first time in the warm up. After starting on bung line 3 and a great effort as a crew they initially held off a strong Christ Church crew for quite some time, before getting bumped and will start on bungline 4 tomorrow

Men’s boats

Reports written by Lukas Lohove

M1: Starting from bungline 3 in division 4, GTC’s first men’s boat had a strong start despite the cold conditions. After the start, GTC pushed closer to the Balliol crew ahead, one stroke at a time. Right in front of our boathouse at Longbridges, GTC caught up and bumped Balliol to the joy of cheering spectators. M1 will start from bungline 2 on Thursday.

M2: We are happy to field a second men’s boat in Summer Eights for the first time in three years. Starting from bungline 6 in division 7, M2 pushed hard upon hearing the close-by cannon signalling the beginning of the race. The Wolfson crew ahead had no chance to respond to the incoming GTC team and conceded after 200m of racing. M2 is moving up and will start on bungline 5 on Thursday.

Created: 30 May 2019