Costs and Licence Terms

Monthly rents (shared accommodation) from 1 August 2024

From Thursday 1 August 2024, rents in shared college accommodation will be increasing by 4%. Historically, rents increase by the rate of inflation (CPI) in January plus 1%. This year’s January CPI was 4% but the college has decided to restrict its increase for a second year to support students who are still facing financial challenges due to the cost of living crisis.

Monthly rents in shared accommodation are inclusive of water, heating, light, electric, and gas charges.

BandSizeBase rentPlus en-suiteDouble occupancy

Band A

less than 13 sq m



Band B

13-16.99 sq m



Band C

17-20.99 sq m




Band D

21 sq m or more




Monthly rents (self-contained accommodation) from 1 August 2024

In self-contained flats at Rewley Abbey Court and 13 Norham Gardens, and in the houses along Observatory Street, the rate of increase will be lower as rents will continue to exclude gas and electricity charges.  Rents for the flats and houses will increase by 3%, except in the non-rurbished flats at RAC where rents will only increase by 2%.

As part of the college ambition to become carbon net zero by 2035, residents in self-contained accommodation will continue to pay for their gas and electricity based on actual usage. This enables residents to control and manage their usage and to lower their monthly costs and their carbon emissions if they wish to do so. Residents will also be able to take advantage of the university/college consortium buying power of gas and electricity by being charged below market rates.  Average energy bills based on actual data usage (November 2021 to October 2022)

Meter readings will be taken on the first day in accommodation and thereafter on a monthly basis, with actual usage costs being invoiced via battels.

Accommodation / RoomsMonthly Rent



1-bed flat


2-bed flat


2-bed flat small bedroom


2-bed flat large bedroom


Refurbished 1-bed flat


Refurbished 2-bed flat


Refurbished 2-bed flat small bedroom


Refurbished 2-bed flat large bedroom


2-bed house


3-bed house


Refurbished 2-bed house


Refurbished 3-bed house


The standard license period for the properties normally runs from the 4th Friday of September to the end of June of the following year, except for the refurbished flats at Rewley Abbey Court, which are offered on a longer licence period.  The standard licence period for AY 2024/25 is from Friday 27 September 2024 until Monday 30 June 2025, except in the RAC refurbished flats where licences run until Monday 8 September 2025.

Detailed license terms will be provided upon booking the specific room, flat or house.

Contents insurance is provided by Endsleigh and is included in your rent charge. If you need assistance accessing this policy contact


The college requires a £250 deposit is paid within 14 days of making your booking in order to secure your accommodation.  Deposits are non-refundable if you find alternative accommodation prior to moving in, unless agreed by the Domestic Bursar Teresa Strike. Deposits are returned at the end of your residence, subject to any deductions required for end of tenancy cleaning and / or maintenance and repair works.

Paying for accommodation

Your accommodation charge is payable by Direct Debit, unless the college otherwise agrees, in accordance with your Licence Agreement.

The college requires you to have a UK bank account from which payments by Direct Debit can be made and into which the Deposit will be paid after the Licence Agreement ends. Students without a UK bank account must open one within two weeks from the date on which the Licence Agreement starts.

The college must be in receipt of cleared funds for the first month’s licence fee by the time your licence starts otherwise your keys will not be issued.

Any queries regarding accommodation payment should be addressed to GTC Finance

Any queries regarding accommodation payment should be addressed to Senior Finance Officer Kathleen Scroggins.

Important documents

If are unable to access any of these documents then please contact


For any questions please contact our Accommodation Team

Phone: +44 (0)1865 274795

Room ballot guidance: academic year 2024/25

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Average energy bills based on actual data usage (November 2021 to October 2022)

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