Communal Rooms

Green Templeton has a wide range of rooms available to students and college members for studying, meetings, interviews, or just relaxing. Locations can be seen on the college map.

Stables Bar and Gallery

Stables Bar. Photo (c) John Cairns

The Stables Bar sits between Lankester Quad and McAlpine Quad.

It’s a popular space for everything from quiet individual study to one-to-one catch-ups with supervisors, group meetings, and simple relaxation. There are tables and chairs, sofas, and plug sockets in the Bar, and the daily newspapers are available at the start of each day for anyone to read

The vibe is casual: you can bring your own food and drink, and there is a free tea and coffee machine located in the Stables Gallery. All members of the college community are welcome to use it – just remember to bring your own reusable cup!

In the evenings, the Stables Bar hosts a variety of events ranging from regular pizza nights, where the bar is opened, to sketching classes, and welfare teas. On Sunday mornings in term, the Graduate Common Room hosts a tasty brunch – all college members welcome! Details of events in the Stables Bar are circulated regularly via email throughout the year.

There’s no need to book the Stables Bar or Gallery – just turn up! Please note on occasion the area is reserved by our Events team, who will give notice of when the space is not available for use.


The Hayloft at Green Templeton College. Photo (c) John Cairns

The Hayloft is a cosy space above the Stables Bar that is popular with Green Templeton students. It’s a relaxing room filled with comfortable sofas and chairs, lots of books to read, a large TV, and games. Similar to the Stables Bar, there’s no need to book in advance – just head on up whenever you’d like!

As well as being a nice space to unwind, the Hayloft hosts a variety of events throughout the year such as film screenings and mindfulness sessions, which are open to the whole college community. Details of events in the Hayloft are circulated regularly via email throughout the year.

Radcliffe Observatory 

Radcliffe Observatory Common Room. Photo (c) John Cairns

The iconic 18th century Radcliffe Observatory is the central focus of Green Templeton’s main college site.

On the ground floor, you’ll find our main dining room, where lunch is served daily. You can book into lunch via the website. This is also where formal dinners are held. Next to the main dining room is a smaller private dining room called the Grzeslo Room.

Heading upstairs, the Common Room is located on the first floor of the Observatory. This impressive room has a free coffee and tea machine, available to all members of Green Templeton. It’s a wonderful place for meetings, study or just relaxing in the beautiful surroundings.

In the evenings, the Common Room is often used for pre-dinner drinks and post-dinner coffee. It also hosts events throughout the year such as GTC Performs! and recitals by our musician-in-residence Maki Sekiya. Details of events in the Observatory are circulated regularly via email throughout the year.

Radcliffe Observatory Common Room. Photo (c) John Cairns

College piano

The Common Room is home to the college’s Yamaha grand piano which is used for recitals and special events. The piano is available for all members of the GTC community to use. The Common Room is a space that is used by our whole community for a variety of purposes and we ask that you are mindful of practicing times. We suggest that evenings are usually a good time to choose and when the Common Room is not booked.

The piano is kept locked and covered, with access via keys at the Lodge. Please feel free to call ahead to the Lodge to check if the room is free before you travel. If you have any queries please feel free to contact Becca via email with any queries.

Tower of the Winds, Radcliffe Observatory. Photo (c) John Cairns

There are a two further rooms accessible via doors off the Common Room: the Fellows’ Room and the William Gibson Room. These rooms are not normally used by students.

If you continue up to the second floor of the Observatory, you’ll find the iconic Tower of the Winds. This beautiful room is kept locked at all times and keys are available from the Lodge. All college members are permitted to sign out the keys and bring guests up to the Tower – you just have to complete a form at the Lodge before doing so. And please note, the Tower is only available for admiring the views – not to study or socialise!

Exam / Prayer Room

The college has a small and quiet room that can be booked by any college member for prayer space when not in use for exams. The room contains a prayer mat and cushions. It is available for all faiths to use. Book now