Boat Club Racing

GTBC focuses on the three major inter-college regattas that take place yearly.

Christ Church Regatta

Michaelmas (Autumn)

After only 6 weeks of training, our novices take to river to race other colleges side by side in a regatta specifically for those new to rowing.


Hilary (Spring)

The first inter-college bumps racing regatta of the academic year. Every year both our seniors and our novices take to the water over 4 days of competition against other colleges.

Summer Eights

Trinity (Summer)

The second and final inter-college bumps racing regatta. With months of training, our seniors and graduated novices are mixed to field the fastest boats.

External Regattas

All year

GTBC regularly competes at national level against other boat clubs across the UK. Most years our top crews will race in HoRR, WeHoRR, Wallingford Head, and Henley T&V, to name only a few.

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