Funding and Awards For All Students

Learning Grants

Enrolled Green Templeton students can apply for funding of up to £250 each academic year for full-time students or £125 for part-time students, to support study-related needs throughout the academic year; such as learning a language to enable research of primary sources, purchasing a specialised software package to analyse data, or help with translation or transcriptions.

More details and application form on intranet (college sign-on required)

Clinical medical (BM) students receive a double allowance in their final year to assist with the costs of the final year elective. Medics can find details about Learning Grants for Clinical Medical (BM & GEM) students on the intranet.

Competitive Conference and Fieldwork Funding

In addition to Learning Grants, the Competitive Conference and Fieldwork Funding (CCFF) scheme provides financial support of up to £600 towards course-related activities.

Applications are open to all enrolled Green Templeton students.

CCFF awards are funded by Green Templeton including a generous donation from Emeritus Fellow, Christopher Adams.

More details and application form on intranet (college sign-on required)

Green Templeton Writing Up Bursary

We are pleased invite applications for a small number of Writing Up Bursaries, which will be available to be disbursed in Michaelmas 2022 to GTC DPhil students who are coming to the end of their doctoral funding during the current academic year, 2021-22.

These bursaries are available thanks to the generosity of college donors Professor Catherine Peters (in memory of Dr Anthony Storr), Dr Christian Visdomini, and various donors who have contributed to the college’s Principal’s Fund in recent years.

More details and application form on intranet (college sign-on required)

Extra-Curricular Activities

Financial support for Oxford University Programme in Languages (Fast Track)

Fast Track is run by the University of Oxford Language Centre. It is an early evening programme of courses lasting a full academic year, currently available in nine languages. Learners are expected to be highly motivated and well organised, and places are limited and competitive.

Green Templeton students who are selected for places on Fast Track courses may claim back 50% of the fee on the following conditions:

  • A student who is allocated a place on a Fast Track course must notify the Academic Administrator at the beginning of the course (by the end of Week 2 of Michaelmas term).
  • The student should successfully complete the course.
  • At the end of the course, the student should produce their certificate and proof of course purchase to the Academic Administrator in order to claim back the appropriate funding.
  • Student has not already received funding for a Fast Track course. Students are able to claim one Fast Track course reimbursement across the duration of their programme.

All Green Templeton students on any programme can apply for this support. Details on how to apply can be found on the intranet.

Students are strongly advised to read the information on the Oxford University Language Centre website before applying. If you have any further queries about this support, please contact the Academic Administrator.

Blues Awards

Green Templeton awards £200 to any of its current fee-paying students who represent the University of Oxford in a full Blue or half Blue sport.

Only one Blues Award will be granted to each student per sports team during their time at Green Templeton.

You may apply for a Blues Award at any time by emailing with evidence that you have been selected for and played on a University of Oxford team: a scanned, signed letter or a direct email from the Captain, Vice-Captain or Treasurer of the squad concerned, for example. The award will be paid either as a reduction in your battels or as a bank transfer, as you prefer (please note that bank transfers may take up to a month to be processed). You may also apply to the Annual Fund Cultural, Social and Sport scheme for additional help with the cost of your sport.

Email with any questions.

Funding for college-based activities and events

If you would like funding for academic-related activities, please apply for an Academic Grant. If you would like funding for a non-academic-related activity within college, please apply for the Annual Fund. More information on Academic Grants and the Annual Fund.