TECT Clarendon Partnership Award

Deadline: 11 January 2021 (course application deadline – see course links below)

Value: Full fees and annual stipend at minimum Research Council UK rate (£15,285 in 2020/21) for the duration of your course (four years).

Eligibility: New students applying for DPhil Management Studies or DPhil Finance programmes only.

Thanks to the generosity of the Templeton Education and Charity Trust (TECT), Green Templeton College is pleased to offer a scholarship linked to the central Clarendon Fund for DPhil in Management or DPhil in Finance students.

This award is only open to candidates who have been awarded a Clarendon scholarship, and is only tenable at Green Templeton College. You do not need to apply for the college award separately – all eligible Clarendon applicants will be considered automatically.

The Clarendon Fund is open to all graduate applicants regardless of nationality.

See more information about Clarendon Fund awards.