Health and Care Foresight Programme

Green Templeton College established a Health and Care Foresight Programme to bring together key perspectives from academia, policy and practice on health and care systems around the world to identify long-term challenges and solutions.


Health and care systems face unprecedented challenges with changing needs, technological innovations, wider economic pressures and changing social values.

Health ministries lack capacity to get in front of short-term problems and deal with these strategic challenges. Research is skewed towards biomedical innovations, with limited focus on wider challenges for policy and systems.

Key long-term challenges facing health and care systems include:

  • changing patterns of demography and disease
  • moving towards patient‑centred care
  • making better use of information to improve efficiency
  • the future role of technology and automation
  • the health and care workforce
  • aligning the innovation system with health and care system needs
  • addressing the overall lack of strategic capacity within health and care systems.

These challenges take place within broader pressures arising from the wider economic, social, environmental and political context.


Green Templeton aims to support health and care systems in developed and emerging economies around the world to address their long-term challenges by:

  • Convening a network of key policymakers, practitioners and researchers to collectively pool knowledge and identify key trends and scenarios in a three-year participatory process;
  • Publishing a global reference report analysing the strategic challenges facing health and care systems in the coming fifty years of demographic transition, and proposing ways forward that sustain the underpinning values of health and care;
  • Building long-term capacity through a Fellowships programme developing a cadre of future health system leaders.

Why focus on developed and emerging economies?

Health and care systems around the world share common goals of ensuring healthy lives and promoting wellbeing for all at all ages, as set out in the Sustainable Development Goals. There is a relative gap in mutual learning and building collective capacity for developed and emerging economies in meeting these challenges.

Most academic and policy focus is on health and care systems within their own countries; and where there is global cooperation, it is principally concentrated on assisting the lowest income countries.

We aim to add value by helping to strengthen strategic capacity and analysis for health and care systems in developed and emerging economies.

Why Green Templeton College, University of Oxford?

Oxford is the top research university in the world and within the University, Green Templeton is a unique institution. Its academic faculty and student members are focused on medical science, management studies and applied social policy.

This is the ideal mix of disciplines for engagement with the major challenges described above, and Green Templeton thus provides a unique, interdisciplinary platform for bringing together the different perspectives required to address them.

The project draws on the wider community of fellows at Green Templeton.


Green Templeton is seeking new partnerships as we embark on this vital and original work to produce new thinking, information and findings. The key to our approach is to welcome a ‘big tent’ of interested parties, to build productive relationships and share experience and expertise in a safe and constructive setting.

Project Team

Nicholas Fahy SquareDr Nick Fahy is a researcher and consultant in health policy and systems and a Research Fellow of Green Templeton, with over two decades of experience in international health policy. Contact Nick.

Sarashaw SquareDr Sara Shaw is an Associate Professor at the University of Oxford and Research Fellow of Green Templeton, and her research focuses on the organisation and development of healthcare policy and practice. Contact Sara.