Alumni Profile: Rassul Rakhimov

Rassul headshot wearing suit in front of white backgroundRassul Rakhimov (MSc in Environmental and Resource Management, 2005) is the Parliament-nominated Member of the Supreme Audit Chamber of Kazakhstan. He has held several key positions in the industry and government offices, including the President’s Office, and at the United Nations Development Programme.

Rassul is in charge of auditing the public expenses in military, health care, and with government-funded national companies. He and his team provide the key government decision-makers with analytics, financial verification, and performance audits. He has been awarded the State Order ‘Qurmet’ of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Here he talks about his time at the then-Green College

Rassul Rakhimov standing in GTC arms openI joined then-Green College in 2005. I still remember reviewing the proposals from two or three Oxford colleges and flipping through the photos on their websites. I am not sure how it works now but at my time I was lucky to be able to choose the College.

Never have I regretted living and studying at Green. Small yet classy, cozy with a definite sense of aristocratic style. Our small (at that time) college community was a great source of inspiration for various ideas on leisure over weekends and education during the trimesters.

I enjoyed playing tennis on the College site, dining at beautiful and friendly (not pompous like in other Colleges) Friday suppers, and trekkings to the Blenheim Palace.

In 2022 I brought my family over to now Green Templton College. The College hasn’t changed – only my room has been turned into the College’s computer facility!

I have always regarded myself as a smart person and only here in Oxford did I realize what international competition with the brightest minds is all about. I felt as if the whole global universe rotates around Oxford University – lectures, talks and discussions by the global leaders and thinkers.

My Oxford degree served as a marvelous springboard for me. All that I have taken out of Oxford University, the skills, attitude towards life, communication attributes, prompted me throughout my whole career through various international and national agencies, the UN, national companies, and the President’s Office.

Being Awarded The National State Order Of QurmetCurrently, I am one of the eight politically nominated Members of the national Supreme Audit Chamber, which is the highest public audit body and on 26 October 2023 the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan awarded me the State Order ‘Qurmet’ of Kazakhstan.

My biggest achievement besides my professional life – as an Oxford student I made a promise to myself to one day bring my kids to the Oxford Examination Schools and leisurely show them around – I kept my promise.