Bird Dancer (2010) film screening

Medical Anthropology Film & Discussion Group

Tuesday 28 January 2020   15:30 to 17:00


Directed by Robert Lemelson


Barclay Room, Green Templeton College

The GTC Medical Anthropology Film & Discussion Group explores the extent to which film can complement, enrich and further the study of medical anthropology themes, topics and methods. After watching selected clips, we discuss a film’s content and approach, and interrogate its capacity to support the analysis of issues relating to illness, crisis, health and wellbeing.
This term we focus on the theme of mental health.

Bird Dancer (2010).
Directed by Robert Lemelson.
Gusty Ayu Suartini is a young Balinese woman with Tourette’s Syndrome who struggles to create an independent life for herself while coping with the pressures of a culture that doesn’t understand her disease, doctors with no cures, and a family that views her as a burden.

Barclay Room
Green Templeton College
43 Woodstock Road

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