Brick Hospital

Management in Medicine

Saturday 28 May 2022   10:00 to 13:00


Rasmus Thøger Christensen, Medical Doctor and Co-Founder and Managing Director, LIVSKRAFT

A patient’s journey through the hospital, between different departments and seeing different health care professionals, can be challenging, especially in an increasingly complex health care system. In order to ensure good patient care, all health care professionals and managers must focus on the individual patient flow through the hospital, and not just on isolated actions taken at a department level. Playing the game BRICK HOSPITAL in this workshop increased awareness about patient flow and introduced tools that can help optimize flow for health care professionals on the ground or those aspiring to manage a clinical department or a hospital.

BRICK HOSPITAL is a LEGO-based game where each player is given a series of tasks related to the patient’s journey through the hospital – from admittance to diagnosis and treatment through to discharge. Through several rounds of the game, using reflection and facilitated improvement processes, the players are given a unique insight into interdisciplinary team-work and optimization of patient flow using game-based learning. It is already part of official specialty training in Denmark and an integrated part of an elective subject on leadership and process management for medical students at Aarhus University, Denmark.

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The Management in Medicine Programme at Green Templeton aims to develop management and leadership skills for health and care systems in early career professionals. It is open to medical students, doctors in training, postgraduate students and others with an interest in healthcare management.

Type: Lectures and Seminars