Broken Skin (2019) film screening

Medical Anthropology Film & Discussion Group

Tuesday 19 November 2019   15:30 to 17:00


Directed by Lidija Burcak

The Medical Anthropology Film & Discussion Group explores the extent to which film can complement, enrich and further the study of medical anthropology themes, topics and methods. After watching selected clips, we discuss a film’s content and approach, and interrogate its capacity to support the analysis of issues relating to illness, crisis, health and wellbeing.
This term we focus on the theme of the ‘skin’.

*Special Event*
Broken Skin (2019)
Directed by Lidija Burcak
‘Psoriasis is a very visible yet hidden disease. Worldwide 125 million people are affected by it.’ The encounter of the filmmaker and other psoriasis-affected people turns into a poetic journey that explores skin as a metaphor of strength and belief, belonging and alienation.

School of Anthropology & Museum Ethnography
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