Economics and health โ€“ where is the value in that?

Management in Medicine

Saturday 19 February 2022   10:00 to 13:00


Jacque Mallender, international health and public policy economist, and health evaluation practitioner

Why should clinicians care about economic value? How does the economics of the health system affect day-to-day working practices and experiences? How can clinicians influence resourcing decisions which improve value?

During the seminar Jacque explores the economic paradigm of the NHS, and how economics can help grow value through cycles of improvement. The workshop is organised in two parts:

Part A: The economics of the system

  • Who pays for what and how does the money flow?
  • What are the opportunities for increasing value as we move forward?

Part B: Using the economic lens to drive value over time

  • How can clinicians use economic principles to influence investment and resource allocation?

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The Management in Medicine Programme at Green Templeton aims to develop management and leadership skills for health and care systems in early career professionals. It is open to medical students, doctors in training, postgraduate students and others with an interest in healthcare management.

Type: Lectures and Seminars