People, not workforce

Management in Medicine

Saturday 11 June 2022   10:00 to 13:00


John Drew, Director of Staff Experience and Engagement at NHS England Improvement

The scope of John’s role includes health and wellbeing and staff engagement for the NHS in England. He is also the lead Director for the delivery of the People Plan which includes the aspiration contained within the People Promise to develop a compassionate and inclusive culture and to make the NHS ‘the best place to work’.  Increasingly, this agenda extends to social care and other partners within Integrated Care Systems which adds complexity and brings new opportunities.

Before being appointed to this role, John was Director of Improvement and Culture at OUH, which included responsibility for People, Communication, Improvement and Analytics. Prior to joining the NHS, John led McKinsey’s work with NHS hospitals in the UK as well as other international health systems. He trained as an engineer and worked in manufacturing industry before entering consultancy.

He is passionate about supporting people to bring about improvements in quality and productivity, as well as in how teams function and how organisations are led and run. He is increasingly of the view that the core assumptions we hold – and are often taught – about how organisations are run and what constitutes ‘efficiency’ need to be challenged and renewed. ‘Reinventing Organisations’ is recommended reading for insights into why this is urgent and how it might be done.

The pandemic raised the profile of people who work in health and social care, not just in terms of public appreciation but also in terms of NHS policy and guidance.  For example, the first section of the 2021/22 planning guidance to the NHS is all about looking after our people.  This represents a real change from what has gone before.

In this session will explore the four pillars of the NHS People Plan, and the progress made so far.  Picking up on the themes of the People Promise (e.g., health and wellbeing, having a voice, compassion and inclusion), we will review what the latest staff survey and other data tells us about the experience of people working in the NHS and test and develop ideas on what it will take to deliver the People Promise, and the People Plan ambition of ‘more people, working differently, in a compassionate and inclusive culture’ – all in support of patient care.

By the end of the session we will:

  • Have a shared understanding of the NHS People Plan, why it matters, what the priorities are and how it helps to deliver better patient care
  • Have engaged with the seven themes of the People Promise, making it real and practical
  • Have developed ideas and actions we can take within our own areas of responsibility to help realise the People Promise

Registration to follow.

The Management in Medicine Programme at Green Templeton aims to develop management and leadership skills for health and care systems in early career professionals. It is open to medical students, doctors in training, postgraduate students and others with an interest in healthcare management.

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