Unpacking Canada’s cruel history: lessons from a Pulitzer-winning podcast

Part of the Reuters Institute global journalism seminar series

Wednesday 25 October 2023   13:00 to 14:00


Connie Walker, investigative journalist and podcast host


Virtual Event

Connie Walker Stolen wearing yellow top in front of bookcase About

Connie Walker is a Canadian Indigenous investigative journalist and the host of Stolen: Surviving St. Michael’s, a ground-breaking podcast produced by Gimlet which won a Pulitzer Prize and a Peabody Award in 2023. The show follows Walker as unearths how her own family was impacted by one of Canada’s darkest chapters: the residential school system.

The residential school system was a network of boarding schools for Indigenous peoples. which was funded by the Canadian government and administered by Christian churches. The system was created to isolate Indigenous children from the influence of their own culture and religion and assimilate them into the dominant Canadian culture. For more than 100 years, around 150,000 children were placed in residential schools, where many were abused physically, sexually, culturally and emotionally.

In this seminar, Walker will share what she learnt when reporting the story and reflect on the issues raised by the show. Walker grew up in the Okanese First Nation and has worked for Canadian public broadcaster CBC, where she produced several investigative podcasts.

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Part of the Reuters Institute for Journalism’s Global Journalism Seminars series.