What matters is what works? Understanding and implementing evidence-based changes in adult social care

Care Initiative

Monday 31 October 2022   18:00 to 19:30


Professor Jon Glasby, Director IMPACT (Improving Adult Care Together), University of Birmingham


Barclay Room and Online


This session draws on early insights from IMPACT, the new, University of Birmingham-based, UK centre for implementing evidence in adult social care, which has received £15m over nearly 7 years to help get evidence of what works used in practice to make a difference to services and to people’s lives.  The talk gives a brief introduction to IMPACT and its work, before exploring key insights around implementation, innovation and change. In particular, it will discuss the determinants of praxis in adult social care, the extent to which evidence is part of this, how evidence could be more meaningful in future and what people on the ground need to be able to bring about evidence-informed change in the realities of local services.


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