Working with others

Management in Medicine

Monday 9 May 2022   18:45 to 20:15


Máire and Paul Brankin, both members of Green Templeton College, who work with Chairmen, Chief Executives, senior managers and medical leaders in the NHS, helping them to develop their leadership and management skills


Virtual Event

The NHS Leadership Framework is designed for all staff in health and care irrespective of discipline, role and function. ‘Working with Others’ is one of the seven competency domains of the Framework. Effective leadership requires individuals to influence and work with others in networks and teams to deliver and improve services.

Designed for present and past medical students, doctors in training and other healthcare professionals, this seminar will focus on personal qualities and managing services. It will include developing self awareness, managing yourself, continuing personal development, building and maintaining relationships, developing networks, working with teams and managing people.

Registration to follow.

The Management in Medicine Programme at Green Templeton aims to develop management and leadership skills for health and care systems in early career professionals. It is open to medical students, doctors in training, postgraduate students and others with an interest in healthcare management.

Type: Lectures and Seminars