Green Templeton College Alumnus appointed to Royal College of Nursing Older People’s Forum steering group

Paul Tm SmithPaul TM Smith, a 2008-2010 Visiting Research Fellow, Green Templeton College, and present Director of Operations and Care Development, Prestige Care Group, has been appointed to the Older People’s Forum steering group of the Royal College of Nursing.

Paul is an author, public speaker, and researcher, who has developed and written about an adaptive response approach to Dementia as a result of years of nursing experience, research, and collaborative work with leading academics and service leaders.

The Older People’s Forum of 12,500 members is part of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) leadership, and represents RCN members with an interest in the health care of older people. The forum also currently have an exhibition on display at RCN Scotland, in conjunction with the RCN Library and Heritage Centre. ‘Aspects of Age’ explores the shift from institutional to home care over two centuries of older people’s nursing. You can also access an online version of the exhibition here.

Many congratulations to Paul for this honour, and you can read more about Paul’s appointment here.

Created: 4 November 2019