Management in Medicine Programme accredited by Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management

MimfmlmGreen Templeton College’s Management in Medicine Programme has been successfully accredited by the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management (FMLM) as having evidenced that it meets the FMLM Leadership and Management Standards for Medical Professionals (2nd Edition).

The Management in Medicine Programme is a programme for medical students and doctors in training. It was established by the Fellows of Green Templeton College to help clinicians in training and postgraduate students with an interest in healthcare management develop their management and leadership skills.

The programme consisting of four elements:

  • a series of workshops to develop leadership and management knowledge and skills
  • a speaker series
  • shadowing opportunities
  • a regularly updated and circulated selection of resources of relevance to doctors who are developing their leadership and management skills.

Read more about Management in Medicine on the programme webpage.

The Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management (FMLM), established in 2011 by all the UK medical royal colleges and faculties and endorsed by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, is the UK professional home for medical leadership. Their primary objective is to raise the standard of patient care by improving medical leadership. FMLM is a CPD (Continuing Professional Development) and accrediting body for UK based education and training programmes and courses. CPD helps doctors to maintain and improve their performance. It is a continuing process, outside formal undergraduate and postgraduate training, that enables individual doctors to maintain and improve standards of medical practice.

The FMLM CPD and Accreditation scheme underpins CPD in medical leadership and management by accrediting activities that should be appropriately recognised as part of the individual’s CPD. The FMLM supports medical professionals seeking CPD activity and guidance, training providers seeking CPD and Accreditation, and medical schools seeking curriculum accreditation.

The Management in Medicine programme now features on the FMLM website and be promoted through in the FMLM monthly e-newsletter that is sent to 6000+ members and subscribers.

Created: 24 August 2020