UK RECOVERY trial success highlighted

Recovery trial logoA profile by The Guardian Observer of the UK RECOVERY trial has highlighted its success, along with the pioneering efforts by it’s founders Green Templeton Senior Research Fellow Professor Martin Landray, and Peter Horby and of the 3,000 doctors and nurses who helped collect data while simultaneously working directly to care for patients.

Martin Landray to lead new initiative for Wellcome Trust to develop new clinical research guidelines

Professor Martin Landray. Image provided by Wellcome Trust

The trial, led by Senior Research Fellow Professor Martin Landray, Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology and Deputy Director of the Big Data Institute at Nuffield Department of Population Health and Director of Health Data Research, and Peter Horby, found that the steroid dexamethasone can reduce deaths by a third in seriously stricken coronavirus patients and is now used across the world as standard care for seriously ill patients.

Around 12,000 individuals with serious Covid-19 infections were recruited to Recovery; with victims and survivors contributing to pinpointing drugs that should help to reduce future loss of life.

Read the Observer profile piece online, and read about more Fellows addressing the challenges of COVID-19.

Created: 29 July 2020