Supporting students with disabilities

Green Templeton College is committed to supporting students with disabilities. We work pro-actively to improve experiences for all students with disabilities and aims to create and foster a fair, inclusive and positive environment.

The College is a signatory of the university’s Common Framework on Disability which sets out the guiding principles that underpin the procedures for supporting students at Oxford.

What is meant by disability?

In the UK, a disability is defined as a physical or mental impairment that has a substantial and long-term negative effect on your ability to do normal daily activities; it includes long-term illnesses or physical health conditions and/or specific learning difficulties.

Access Guide

View access guide to Green Templeton buildings on the University of Oxford webpages.

Disability Advisory Service (DAS)

The College works closely with the university’s Disability Advisory Service (DAS), a team of specialist advisors who offer confidential advice, practical support and useful information on what to expect and how to seek help.

Each college is allocated two dedicated DAS advisors: Kevin Rayson assists students with mental health disabilities, or a social or communication difficulty and Martha Cadle works closely with students with other disabilities, including sensory or a mobility impairment, a long-term illness or physical health condition or a specific learning difficulty.

Prospective student applicants with disabilities are encouraged to contact the DAS in advance of applying, in order to assist them in making their choice of college and/or to discuss the support available to them.

On course students with disability-related queries or concerns are encouraged to register and discuss their individual situation with the DAS as soon as possible so that they can benefit more quickly from any relevant and available support.

Watch the video from DAS

College Academic Support

The following College staff members oversee and coordinate provision for students with disabilities at Green Templeton.

Disability Lead: Alison Stenton, Senior Tutor
Disability Coordinator: Alison Franklin, Academic Registrar

Both the Senior Tutor Dr Alison Stenton and Academic Registrar Alison Franklin have experience of working with students who have long-term medical conditions or disabilities.

Successful applicants who may require special arrangements are encouraged to contact the Academic Registrar soon after they receive a college offer. Alison would be happy to speak with you confidentially about your disability and to discuss how the college can support you.

Information on the current accessibility of the college site. Green Templeton is looking to improve the accessibility of its site and is in the process of having an ‘accessibility audit’ done for the college. This will allow the college to be even more accessible to everyone who enters and should be complete in 2021 or early 2022. If you have any queries about accessibility, email Hayley Pugh.


Students with a disability may find the OUSU’s Student Advice Service helpful.


If you choose to tell the University about your disability the information will be regarded as sensitive personal data and will only be shared with your permission and on a strictly need-to-know basis, in line with Data Protection Act requirements.