Everything that happened on Giving Day 2021!

Thank you for supporting Giving Day 2021!

On this page you can read the blog that ran from Tuesday 1 June until Wednesday 2 June during Giving Day. Thank you to everyone who donated, took part in our challenges and joined us on Zoom.

You can donate here: https://greentempleton.scalefunder.co.uk/gday/giving-day/991

Wednesday 2 June at 21:10

We’re ending our live blog now. Thanks so much to everyone who visited the blog over the last 36 hours! We’ll leave you with a quick round up of Giving Day 2021!

  • £46,441 raised!
  • 149 different donors!
  • Donations from 19 different countries!
  • 4,184,918 steps in our step-a-thon!
  • 391km rowed in our row-a-thon!

Wednesday 2 June at 20:59

And that’s a wrap on Giving Day 2021!

With your generous support, we have raised £46,441!

Our Principal Sir Michael Dixon announced the funds raised as he closed our 36-hour online broadcast.

He said: ‘After 36 hours, our Giving Day comes to a close. It’s been an amazing time of fundraising events and challenges. We’ve seen our rowers break the 250km challenge by rowing 386km and raising over £3,000. Our staff challenge of walking 2,021,000 steps was absolutely smashed by reaching 4,184,918 steps to raise another £3,000.

‘Our online auctions were very successful. The amazing lots have raised over £6,000, and our alumni and fellows have come together in an extraordinary way to raise an amazing amount of money. When I launched the Giving Day yesterday, I said it was all about bringing the college community together and the last 36 hours have shown how the GTC community is a family and I’m very proud of that.

‘Thank you everybody for your support, it’s very much appreciated.

‘We’ve raised £46,314 which, in a COVID-affected year, is an astonishing amount of money and this will support our students and preserve college life. So, on behalf of Green Templeton and me personally, thank you very much indeed.’

Wednesday 2 June at 20:47

The countdown has begun to the end of Giving Day! Join us at 20:55 BST on our Zoom broadcast here to find out how much has been raised over the last 36 hours!

Wednesday 2 June at 20:28

There’s half an hour left in Giving Day 2021!

We’ve had a brilliant 36 hours of events, challenges, an online auction, raffle and more. Thank you to everyone who has donated, joined us or taken part in Giving Day. There’s still time to donate and help us raise funds to support our students and preserve our beautiful college estate.

Donate here:https://greentempleton.scalefunder.co.uk/gday/giving-day/991

A banner displaying the words 'Green Templeton Giving Day' and 'Student Support' hangs in front of the Radcliffe Observatory

Wednesday 2 June at 20:04

And our final count in the step-a-thon is 4,184,918!

Thanks to the incredible efforts of our staff we have completely smashed the initial target of 2,021,000 steps in two weeks to unlock funds for Giving Day!

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to log their steps every day and share photos from their beautiful walks and outings.

Wednesday 2 June at 19:55

Join us on Zoom in five minutes to hear the final number for our staff step-a-thon challenge! Our staff have been getting their family and friends involved in the challenge over the last two weeks – furry friends included as this cute pic from Bursar’s PA Becca Ritchie-Timms shows! Watch the step-a-thon reveal here.

And Academic Administrator Yoland Johnson shared this lovely video with us showing her beautiful dog Wilbur having a swim while she got her steps in!


Wednesday 2 June at 19:40

You’ve got just 20 minutes left to bid in our online auction! Enjoy private guided tours of the Ashmolean, Shakespeare’s Painted Room, London’s Natural History Museum and more! Or perhaps you’d prefer a flight for two in a 1942 Boeing Stearman (N2S-5) US Navy training aircraft? Maybe a private dinner in the Radcliffe Observatory or a GTC crested hamper? There’s something for everyone!

Bid here: https://www.givergy.uk/GreenTempletonGiving

Wednesday 2 June at 19:22

We’ve got just over two hours left of Giving Day and every donation counts so please do donate if you haven’t already. The funds raised will go towards:

  • Student support
  • Scholarships
  • Annual Fund
  • College life

You can find out more about our funding pots here and how every bit of money raised over Giving Day will enhance our students’ experiences in Oxford, preserve our historic college grounds, and widen access to postgraduate education at Oxford.

Donate here:https://greentempleton.scalefunder.co.uk/gday/giving-day/991

Meanwhile, in the college marquee, the raffle winner has just been drawn!

Wednesday 2 June at 18:55

Our online auction for Giving Day will close at 20:00 so get your last bids in now! From private tours of the Natural History Museum and the rarely seen North Wing at St. Bart’s Hospital to cases of wine, punting picnics, a visit to Sissinghurst castle and more, there’s something for everyone!

View all lots and bid here: https://www.givergy.uk/GreenTempletonGiving

Wednesday 2 June at 18:30

Some of the children of our college members have been helping paint thank you notes for all our donors this evening. There’s just over two hours left of Giving Day so still time to donate!

Donate here: https://greentempleton.scalefunder.co.uk/gday/giving-day/991

Wednesday 2 June at 18:19

We’ve had a GTCWB rowing session happening in the marquee this evening alongside a family event. We’re really proud to be a family-friendly college and hold regular events for our families and their youngest members, such as this evenings (COVID-secure) pizza and painting night.

A group of children sit on seats watching the GTCWBC rowing in the marquee

Wednesday 2 June at 18:04

Join us on Zoom now where BBC Energy and Environment Analyst Roger Harrabin is speaking about his career highlights and path into journalism.

‘The environment has gone into fashion and come out of fashion. All stories do to an extent, apart from politics, which is always in fashion,’ says Roger. ‘And it’s been rather difficult for journalists until more recently to find a consistent way of holding politicians to account and informing society of what is going on and what we’re doing to the planet.’

Watch this talk here.

Wednesday 2 June at 17:32

Funds raised on Giving Day will go towards preserving the architectural heritage of our beautiful college. The 18th century Radcliffe Observatory is the focal point of our three-acre site. You can find out more about the history of the Radcliffe Observatory here.

Donate here: https://greentempleton.scalefunder.co.uk/gday/giving-day/991

The Radcliffe Observatory seen through a leaf-covered archway

Wednesday 2 June at 16:56

We have a brilliant session coming up for you in just over an hour. Award-winning journalist Roger Harrabin, who is the BBC’s Energy and Environment Analyst, joins Sir Michael Dixon in conversation about his career highlights and the major events he has covered. You can watch this session at 18:00 BST here.

Wednesday 2 June at 16:33

There’s still time to bid on our Giving Day online auction lots! Why not bid on a private guided tour of the Ashmolean? Senior Curator Paul Collins will lead an exclusive tour of the galleries for up to five people.

The Ashmolean is the University of Oxford’s museum of art and archaeology, founded in 1683. Its world-famous collections range from Egyptian mummies to contemporary art, telling human stories across cultures and across time.

Bid now! https://www.givergy.uk/GreenTempletonGiving

Wednesday 2 June at 16:01

Time for a row-a-thon update! Our rowers have now completed 315km of continuous rowing! Our initial target was 250km to unlock funds for Giving Day so they’ve definitely gone above and beyond! And they haven’t stopped yet! Here’s our Events Manager Hayley Pugh taking her turn on the erg in the marquee.

Events Manager Hayley Gardner on the erg in the college marquee

Wednesday 2 June at 15:43

Your donations on Giving Day help make the student experience even better at Green Templeton! The funds are used to support student-led projects and events that bring our college community together. So please donate generously!

Donate here: https://greentempleton.scalefunder.co.uk/gday/giving-day/991

Wednesday 2 June at 15:16

Time for a quick step-a-thon update: our staff steppers have now recorded 3,958,294 steps since Wednesday 19 May! Our initial target was 2,021,000 so we’ve definitely gone above and beyond for this Giving Day challenge!

Wednesday 2 June at 15:11

Over on our Giving Day broadcast, Dr Lizzie Burns is telling us all about the wellbeing benefits of Origami and how she works with doctors, nurses and patients, including in Oxford, using Origami to ease stress and occupy minds during difficult times. She says: ‘Origiami has wide appeal, very cheap and will keep you interested and challenged.’ Join this session here.

Wednesday 2 June at 14:38

Our next event is coming at 15:00 BST: Origami for wellbeing, hosted by Dr Lizzie Burns. She is a passionate advocate of the mental health benefits of the practice of Origami and a science-based artist, creative specialist and a visiting academic at the University of Oxford. Please note, this session was originally broadcast during the University’s Meeting Minds in April. Join this session at 15:00 BST here.

Wednesday 2 June at 14:22

And the good news keeps coming! Our incredible rowers have now passed the 278km mark and are still going! How many km will they have rowed by the end of their 36-hour target? Join us later to find out!

Wednesday 2 June at 14:05

Great news! We’ve now reached 100 donors and raised more than £27,000! Thank you so much to everyone who has donated!


Wednesday 2 June at 13:00

Funds raised during Giving Day will contribute to our Student Support pot.

Green Templeton provides financial support to students experiencing unforeseen difficulties or in times of financial hardship. Funding from this pot also allows students to enhance their academic experience by attending conferences or undertaking field work in support of their studies and research.

‘In the final year of my DPhil, I had the opportunity to present at multiple conferences, covering both the field of physical activity research and educational research,’ says Chris Heemskerk (DPhil Education). ‘The funding provided by GTC covered the cost of traveling to these conferences, and without this support I would not have been able to disseminate my research findings as widely as I did.’

Donate here: https://greentempleton.scalefunder.co.uk/gday/giving-day/991

Wednesday 2 June at 12:20

And the winner of the Photography Competition is… Sam Howard!

Sir Michael says it was a unanimous decision among the judges to award Sam the £150 prize for this photograph of the catering team preparing for a meal service in the ‘new normal’ times of COVID-secure working.

The judges said: ‘This photograph captured the theme of this year’s competition perfectly: people working as normal but this is what the ‘new normal’ looks like. Life may have changed, but our wonderful college catering team continue to produce the best food in Oxford!’

Sam said: ‘Thank you for choosing my photo. Despite the masks, fish and chip boxes and our team being split into two, we remain in good spirits, which I hope I have conveyed in this photo of Hannah and Anton preparing for our new normal of click and collect lunches.’

Congratulations Sam!

Wednesday 2 June at 12:10

Principal Sir Michael Dixon is about to announce the winner of the Photography Competition. He’s just praised the standard of pictures submitted this year, saying: ‘The judges had a pretty tough choice in coming up with a winner.’

This year’s theme was ‘Celebrating the New Normal’.  While acknowledging the difficult times many of us have faced, the judges wanted to use the opportunity of this year’s competition to find the most striking and original image celebrating the ‘new normal’.

Wednesday 2 June at 11:39

Our online Giving Day auction is still running and each of the fabulous lots are still available for your bids! Among them is a limited edition hand-printed woodcut by our artist-in-residence Weimin He. And, as an added bonus, you’ll also get a signed copy of his book ‘Tower of the Winds’ and a secret gift that Weimin’s chosen himself!

Get bidding:https://www.givergy.uk/GreenTempletonGiving/ Good luck!

Weimin Print

Wednesday 2 June at 11:01

We’ll be announcing the results of our Photography Competition in an hour. We had a record number of entries this year so thank you to all college members who took the time to send us a pic! Our Principal Sir Michael Dixon, who was on the judging panel, will be announcing the winner and talking us through some of his favourite entries at 12:00 BST so please do join us! 

Last year’s competition was won by Lore Purroy Sanchez (MPhil Development Studies) with this photo of paper boats on the bridge towards Port Meadow near college.

Picture 1

Lore Sanchez. Judges’ Favourite, 2020: Selfie-Isolation

Wednesday 2 June at 10:37

Student welfare is of paramount importance at Green Templeton and donations received this Giving Day will go towards supporting our students and providing funding for student-led projects to benefit our college community.

Donate here: https://greentempleton.scalefunder.co.uk/gday/giving-day/991

We have around 600 students from close to 75 countries. Get to know our students and find out more about their research by visiting our Student Profiles webpage.


Wednesday 2 June at 10:02

We’re tallying up yesterday’s staff steps and will be bringing you our new step-a-thon total soon! Kirsty Taylor, our Head of Library and Information Services, got her step count up while enjoying the South West Coastal Path with her daughter over the Bank Holiday weekend. Thanks to everyone who has got involved!

Wednesday 2 June at 9:39

Big news! Our fantastic rowers have just smashed their target of rowing 250km in 36 continuous hours! The current total is 267km and we still have just under 12 hours of Giving Day left to go!

Thank you so much to all our incredible rowers for joining the challenge! Here’s Librarian Richard Turner doing his part for the row-a-thon.

Librarian Richard Turner smiles as he rows in the sunshine on a rowing machine at college

Wednesday 2 June at 09:08

Commenting on the latest COVID reporting, Zoe reflects on how with everything in the United States opening up, one trend on social media is naming your vaccine along the lines #pfizerpuppy or #modernamommy.

Sophie Schirmacher and Meera Selva introducing Jakub Krupa and Zoe Ramushu.

Sophie Schirmacher and Meera Selva introducing Jakub Krupa and Zoe Ramushu

Wednesday 2 June at 08:28

Our first event of the day is coming up: a paper review with the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism. We’re so proud of our connection with journalism and you can read all about Green Templeton and the Reuters Institute’s history here

Join us at 09:00 BST when Meera Selva, Deputy Director of the RISJ, will be joined by Reuters Institute Fellows Jakub Krupa and Zoe Ramushu to analyse the day’s newspapers from around the world. Join here to watch.

Wednesday 2 June at 07:53

Our 36-hour row-a-thon challenge has continued overnight and our rowers have now completed 215km of their 250km target! Here’s our Operations Manager (Events and Hospitality) Elaine Huckson on the rowing machine at 5:30.

Operations Manager Elaine Huckson on the rowing machine in the college marquee

Wednesday 2 June at 7:32

Another beautiful view of the Observatory this morning. We’re so lucky to have such a beautiful college! Funds raised on Giving Day will go towards the maintenance of our college estate.

Wednesday 2 June at 7:03

We’ve got another brilliant day of activities coming up. We’ll have the conclusion of our row-a-thon and step-a-thon action and events  including:

  • 09:00: What the papers say with the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
  • 12:00: Results of the Green Templeton Photography Competition
  • 15:00: Origami for wellbeing
  • 18:00: A conversation with BBC Energy and Environment Analyst Roger Harrabin

Watch everything here.

Wednesday 2 June at 6:36

It’s shaping up to be another beautiful day in Oxford! Here’s our iconic Radcliffe Observatory looking spectacular at sunrise earlier.

Sunrise casts a golden glow on the Radcliffe Observatory

Wednesday 2 June at 6:02

Hello again! Welcome to day two of our Giving Day live blog!

We’re currently broadcasting a stunning performance over on Zoom. ‘Songs of the Stars’ is a recital by mezzo Lotte Betts-Dean and classical guitarist Sean Shibe filmed in the Radcliffe Observatory in October 2020 as part of the Oxford Lieder Festival. Join here to watch.

Tuesday 1 June at 23:18

And with the Book at Bedtime session underway, it feels like an appropriate time to sign off on the live blog for tonight, but our Giving Day Zoom broadcast continues overnight so please do stay with us!

You can also continue to donate here: https://greentempleton.scalefunder.co.uk/gday/giving-day/991

Our next event will be a talk from Associate Fellow Charles Barclay at 03:00 BST. Vice Principal Dr Rebecca Surender introduces Charles in a fascinating lecture celebrating pivotal women in astronomy. Join here to watch.

The live blog will resume on Wednesday morning.  See you then!

Tuesday 1 June at 23:14

It’s time for Book at Bedtime! College member Maire Brankin has begun this relaxing session with a favourite reading from James Joyce’s book Ulysses.

We hope you’re enjoying it as much as we are! Watch Book at Bedtime here.

Tuesday 1 June at 22:31

What an incredible day it’s been so far! Thank you so much to all our rowers and steppers, our brilliant guest speakers, and everyone who has joined us from around the world! We’ve got one more event to come today: our Book at Bedtime session at 23:00 BST. Join us soon as Honorary Fellow Dr Paul Brankin and four members of the college Book Club read excerpts from their favourite books. Watch Book at Bedtime here.

Tuesday 1 June at 22:01

Our rowers have done a brilliant job today and will be continuing throughout the night both in the marquee at college and remotely around the world. They’ve now completed 121.2km of their 250km target!

Here’s alum Steven Renwick who has just finished rowing for Giving Day from Berlin. Thanks, Steven!

Tuesday 1 June at 21:33

Another pot we’re raising money for this Giving Day is College Life. It is important that we preserve the architectural heritage of the college, maintain the college estate and ensure the environment we live and learn in are energy-efficient, accessible and technologically up-to-date.

We’re committed to working collectively for a sustainable future and embedding sustainable thinking through education, and you can find out more about our initiatives like meat-free Mondays and sustainable food packaging on the Sustainability webpage.

Allotment club members enjoy the sunshine as they pose for a photo on the site mid-dig

Tuesday 1 June at 21:02

We’ve now raised £19,746 in donations! Thank you to everyone who has donated and given their time today to get involved! We’re now 12 hours into Giving Day, so another 24 hours to go!

Tuesday 1 June at 19:56

Ever fancied a behind-the-scenes tour at London’s oldest hospital? Join William Palin for an exclusive and private guided tour of St. Bart’s Hospital, which has been administering free healthcare on the same site since the reign of Henry I.

This fab online auction lot will allow you to explore the North Wing, which is not usually open to the public. William will guide you through the historic building in this truly rare chance to see behind the scenes of a London landmark. 

Bid now! https://www.givergy.uk/GreenTempletonGiving

Tuesday 1 June at 19:10

Big news this evening! We have smashed our step-a-thon target a day early! We set ourselves a challenge to walk 3,000,000 steps by Wednesday 2 June at 20:00 to raise funding for Giving Day and our current total is 3,555,849! 

But just because we’ve beat our target, the challenge isn’t over! We’re going to keep walking until our deadline and will be letting you know our new target soon! For now, we’ll be enjoying one of these well-deserved Giving Day cocktails in the marquee!

Tuesday 1 June at 18:12

Dame Anne Marie Rafferty is guiding us through the legacy of Florence Nightingale over on our Zoom broadcast – please do join us!

‘Florence Nightingale was polymathic in her talents and indeed in her interests,’ says Anne Marie. ‘She was incredibly well networked through family connections and her links to the scientific and intellectual aristocracy is where, I think, she drew a lot of her influence, and she knew how to network well and land, to use that modern day term, her policy points, and sometimes punches. 

‘She wasn’t only fulfilling her ambition of being a nurse and providing nursing care, she was an innovator in public health, a leading sanitarian at the time, and instrumental in supporting the building of hospitals and comparative social science and epidemiology fields. She had significant theological and literary interests as well as talents. I think that’s part of the key to her success: she was a first class communicator.’


Tuesday 1 June at 17:45

Coming up! This evening’s talk, ‘Nerds and Nightingales: The future of nursing’, will begin at 18:00 BST. Alumna Dame Anne Marie Rafferty, President of the Royal College of Nursing, will discuss the legacy of workforce challenges in nursing and if it’s worth asking what would Florence Nightingale do if she were here today? Watch this talk here.

Tuesday  1 June at 17:34

Our musician-in-residence Maki Sekiya has kindly donated two incredible lots for our Giving Day online auction: a 30-minute recital of soothing piano classics and a 60-minute piano repertoire. Maki will travel to a venue of your choice to perform. 

Bid here: https://www.givergy.uk/GreenTempletonGiving. Good luck!

Pedro Stoeckli, winner of the Green Templeton College 2019 Photography Competition

Tuesday 1 June at 16:43

Spencer TongAnother pot we’re raising funds for on Giving Day is scholarships. Reducing or removing the burden of tuition fee and living costs through scholarships widens access to postgraduate study at the University of Oxford and enables more people to join our vibrant community.

Spencer Tong (DPhil Medical Sciences) holds the Oxford-Sir David Weatherall Scholarship and conducts clinical genetics research at the MRC Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine.

‘Thanks to the generosity of our donors in establishing the Weatherall Scholarship and others like it, I’ve been able to continue my studies without the burden of financial worry,’ he said.

Find out more about Spencer and his research.

Donate here: https://greentempleton.scalefunder.co.uk/gday/giving-day/991

Tuesday 1 June at 16:15

Academic Registrar Alison Franklin has taken over in the row-a-thon with the rowers having now completed 87.64 kilometres of their 250 kilometre target!

Alison Franklin rowing

Tuesday 1 June at 15:45

Our current Giving Day total is £17,382! Thank you so much for your support! It’s been a brilliant day so far and it’s great to see so many college members getting involved!

Donate here: https://greentempleton.scalefunder.co.uk/gday/giving-day/991

Tuesday 1 June at 15:29

Head Gardener Michael Pirie showing a seedling of the conservatory plant Albizia native to western Australia that is ‘rather unpleasantly smelly because it is nitrogen-fixing so it gives off ammonia in its roots.’

Michael Pirie With Plant And Marella De Bruijn

Tuesday 1 June at 14:53

If you love the college gardens as much as we do, please join us at 15:00 BST to hear Head Gardener Michael Pirie in conversation with Garden Fellow Marella de Bruijin about the history, design and planting of the college gardens. Watch their conversation here

Tuesday 1 June at 14:42

One of the pots we’re raising money for this Giving Day is the Annual Fund. The Annual Fund provides students with the opportunity to maximise the benefits of their time at Green Templeton by supporting a variety of extra-curricular activities. 

One such beneficiary this year is Ella Dunlop (Clinical Medicine) who used Annual Fund support to set up an Allotment Club at Green Templeton to bring people together as lockdown restrictions eased while also promoting sustainability. And it’s been a huge success! 

Two Green Templeton College Allotment Club team members pose next to a freshly dug bed ahead of planting raspberries

‘I’ve been overwhelmed by the engagement and enthusiasm to participate,’ said Ella. ‘Students from all different disciplines have been involved. Not only is it testament to the range of courses catered to by Green Templeton, but also the open-mindedness of the student body.’

Find out more about Ella’s allotment

Donate here: https://greentempleton.scalefunder.co.uk/gday/giving-day/991

Tuesday 1 June at 14:07

Don’t forget to sign up for this evening’s talk from alumna Dame Anne Marie Rafferty, President of the Royal College of Nursing. She’s speaking at 18:00 BST on the subject ‘Nerds and Nightingales: the future of nursing’. Register here

This presentation will focus on the legacy of workforce challenges in nursing and look at what we can take from Florence Nightingale’s legacy to inspire change for the future. 

Tuesday 1 June at 13:46

Danielle Henriquez (MBA) and Jacqueline Murphy (DPhil Population Health) continue our row-a-thon as the temperature outside continues to climb. So far, our rowers have now completed 45,691 metres of their 250 kilometre target! 

Students Danielle Henriquez and Jacqueline Murphy row side-by-side on machines in the garden marquee

Tuesday 1 June at 13:31

Giving Day cupcakes on offer in the marquee! We’re clearly all too polite and don’t want to be the first to take one!


Tuesday 1 June at 13:09

The sun is still shining in Oxford and our college is looking beautiful!

Here’s Assistant Gardener Carolyn Serra working in the gardens earlier before getting involved in our row-a-thon challenge! If you want to know more about our gorgeous site, join us at 15:00 BST for what’s sure to be an unmissable talk from Head Gardener Michael Pirie all about the college gardens. 


Tuesday 1 June at 12:57

We’re running an online auction for Giving Day and have secured plenty of amazing lots for you to bid on including private guided tours of the Ashmolean, London’s Natural History Museum and the North Wing at St. Bart’s Hospital in London.

Get bidding here: https://www.givergy.uk/GreenTempletonGiving

Good luck!

Tuesday 1 June at 12:19

NOW! Join us over on Zoom here where Professor Stuart Gietel-Basten is currently giving an absolutely fascinating talk, guiding us through the build up to, and the results of, the recent China census.


Tuesday 1 June at 11:55

The staff of Green Templeton have been putting their best foot forward and taking part in a step-a-thon over the last two weeks.

We aimed to walk 2,021,000 steps between Wednesday 19 May and Wednesday 2 June to raise funds for Giving Day… but we’ve smashed that target already! Now we’re hoping to complete 3,000,000 steps by tomorrow night to unlock further funding.

Come on, team, we can do it!

Tuesday 1 June at 11:38

‘Secondary schools, social security and sex toys: what the census reveals about China’s population challenges.’ Join us at 12:00 BST to hear GTC alumnus Andrew Lo in conversation with Professor Stuart Gietel-Basten, Director of the Center for Ageing Science at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Watch this conversation here

Prof Gietel-Basten recently spoke on this topic with The Guardian for a piece focusing on China’s policy shift to allow couples to have up to three children following data showing a sharp decline in the number of births.

Tuesday 1 June at 11:20

Bessie O’Dell (DPhil Psychiatry) has been on the rowing machine. So far, our amazing rowers have rowed 23,330 metres in 2.5 hours. Great work! We’re aiming to cover 250km across the 36 hours. 

And more good news! We’re just over two hours into Giving Day and have already raised an amazing £3,110!

Thank you to everyone who has given a gift and got involved so far!


Tuesday 1 June at 10:44

A little bit about last year… we raised over £60,000, so thank you! The funds were used to help students during the COVID-19 pandemic and contribute to the college’s sustainability commitment

While launching  Giving Day earlier, Sir Michael said: ‘In this challenging year, the money raised last year has helped provide for students whose lives and studies have been adversely affected by the coronavirus pandemic, supported activities to help isolation during lockdown, and allowed the college to install a voltage optimizer to save on energy costs and these savings are being reinvested to make the college’s estate more sustainable.’

Tuesday 1 June at 10:06

The sun has come out for Giving Day and we’re enjoying absolutely beautiful weather in Oxford today!

If you haven’t already, head over to our Giving Day Zoom broadcast here to join us!


Tuesday 1 June at 09:27

Our row-a-thon is also underway! College members are aiming to row 250 kilometres over the next 36 hours to raise funds for Giving Day.

First up on the rowing machine is Rob Ferritto (DPhil Geography and the Environment).

Good luck, rowers!

Img 1419

Tuesday 1 June at 9:00

And we’re off! Welcome to Giving Day!

Our Principal Sir Michael Dixon has given the countdown to launch our second Giving Day!

‘Giving Day is about raising much-needed funds for the college and presents an opportunity for the global Green Templeton community of alumni, students, fellows, staff and their friends to come together and celebrate all that makes Green Templeton the unique place it is,’ he said.

‘Last year, Giving Day raised over £60,000 for students of the college and the hope is to raise even more this year.’

Principal Sir Michael Dixon and initial rower starting Giving Day 2021

Tuesday 1 June at 8:58

Watch our Giving Day film just before we get started.

Our fantastic online auction is already open so get bidding on some incredible lots including a private guided tour of the Ashmolean and a private reception for 20 in our iconic Tower of the Winds!

The raffle is also underway: you can buy strips for £1 from The Lodge now!

Keep in touch with us via social media using #GreenTempletonGiving.

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