Clinical student working to widen participation in medicine

Yusuf Ben-Tarifite (Clinical Medicine, 2018) is ‘incredibly passionate about combining medicine with social entrepreneurship’.

Yusuf Ben Tarifite And Others pictured in composite image with Royal College Of Psychiatrists logoRecently, Yusuf was invited to be a speaker at an access conference at the Royal College of Psychiatrists to speak to an audience of over a hundred Year 12s wanting to become doctors. He shared his personal journey into medicine and gave pragmatic advice on how students can maximise their chances of getting into medical school.

The whole day was filmed by the BBC and Yusuf was featured on BBC One’s Morning Live (from 09:13) discussing the importance of widening participation. He said ‘Diversity of thought is so important because your patient population is going to be completely diverse, and so to have better doctors that can better understand, communicate and empathise with patients will be key. Ultimately, talent is everywhere but opportunity is not’.

Since 2018, Yusuf has worked as an Undergraduate Admissions and Outreach Ambassador – attending in-person student conferences and being part of the Medicine Department’s university Open Days. Experiencing first-hand the information, skill and inspiration gap that still exists among prospective Oxbridge applicants and particularly Medicine applicants, he founded his own social enterprise called The Aspiring Medics to help disadvantaged students to get into medicine. He now leads a team of over 40 medical students from across the UK.

The website platform is a hub for prospective medicine applicants with free, high-quality advice on the medicine application process with over 100,000 users in the last 12 months. Their outreach includes visits to schools across the country as well as partnering with charities such as Zero Gravity, Melanin Medics and The Careers Office to give hundreds of students from disadvantaged backgrounds free access to their online courses.

Yusuf is also an Oxford Foundry Entrepreneurial Fellow and was recently featured by Santander discussing his journey of setting up a social enterprise at medical school.

Yusuf Ben Tarifite Santander Feature

Created: 28 November 2022