Student cultural social sport events annual fund information

Annual Fund applications are welcome for activities that develop the GTC community, including cultural and sporting activities.  These could be for things such as:

  • Forums on community topics such as sustainability or equality and diversity
  • Music events or workshops
  • Social events to bring the GTC community together
  • Student societies, networks, clubs or teams

Find out more about previous projects by visiting Annual Fund making a difference.  You can apply as a group or team (for a maximum of £1,000 per project), or as an individual (for a maximum of £200 per project).

We encourage you to apply as early as you can to ensure adequate time between application, approval and completion of your event. We try to review and respond to applications within three weeks of receipt.  Please see the notes page of the application form for further details.

How to apply

You’ll need to apply to the college for support for your activity or event well in advance (usually at least one full term and one full vacation before the event takes place). Please note that if you are on a one-year course, you’ll usually need to apply for support in your first term in order to have enough time to plan and deliver your project.

Your application will be considered competitively by the Green Templeton Annual Fund. They will grant support to cultural, social and sporting projects and programmes which most clearly fulfil one or more of these strategic aims:

  • contribute to a welcoming and exceptional college experience with enrichment opportunities that enables all to deliver on their potential and thrive throughout life
  • enhance human welfare and social, economic and environmental well-being
  • strengthen the college’s engagement and relationships with communities across Oxford and beyond.

Innovation and imagination are welcome! Please email if you’re not sure an activity or expense is eligible.