#DIFFERENTEQUAL campaign at Green Templeton

The #DIFFERENTEQUAL campaign was launched by Green Templeton College in December 2020 to signal the college’s commitment to inclusivity and to promote awareness about racism.

Black History Month 2022

Green Templeton College is proud to celebrate Black History Month 2022. Throughout October 2022, we will be flying our #DIFFERENTEQUAL flag at the entrance to college as we did in 2021.

The #DIFFERENTEQUAL flag flying at the front of Green Templerton College to celebrate Black History Month 2021

Autumn 2022 Update

Lanyard#DIFFERENTEQUAL lanyards remain available for members of the Green Templeton community. Please contact communications@gtc.ox.ac.uk if you would like one

These were also promoted to new students at the College Life Fairs in September and October.


About the #DIFFERENTEQUAL campaign

Over a number of weeks, a new picture was posted to Green Templeton’s main social media channels featuring a tangible example of behaviour (in particular micro-aggressions) that inhibits inclusion. The images also promote examples of ally behaviour that can counter this.

The campaign’s imagery – two hands clasped together in a fist – is designed to symbolise a firm, uplifting stance and joint action against racism by all, no matter the shade of skin colour.


Each of these campaign images has been posted across the college’s main social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. We will continue to update this page as each new campaign image is shared.

Campaign image 1: Ache Atta-Boateng

Ache Atta Boateng Equaldifferent Twitter

This image featuring student Ache Atta-Boateng (DPhil Geography and the Environment) was shared to our social media channels on 1 December 2020 to launch the #DIFFERENTEQUAL campaign.

Campaign image 2: Kelly-Ann Fonderson

This image featuring student Kelly-Ann Fonderson (MPhil Development Studies) was posted to the college’s social media channels on 8 December 2020.

Kelly Ann Fonderson holds a board which has words written on it: Why are you surprised that I'm 'so eloquent' and 'well spoken'??

Campaign image 3: Tonny Muthee

This image featuring student Tonny Muthee (DPhil Primary Care Health) was posted to the college’s social media channels on 15 December 2020.

Student Tonny Muthee holds a sign supporting the #DIFFERENTEQUAL campaign

We encourage members of the Green Templeton community and beyond to like, share and engage with our social media campaign.

Black Lives Matter Taskforce

The Green Templeton College Black Lives Matter Taskforce was formed in July 2020 and is chaired by Associate Fellow Dr Neo Tapela, with Dr Susan James Relly as Governing Body Representative.

Equality Action Agenda for Black Lives

The #DIFFERENTEQUAL campaign was one of ten actions proposed by the Taskforce, through its Equality Action Agenda for Black Lives, which will guide the college’s steps for systemic change to combat anti-Black racism and achieve more equal representation, progression and success for members of our community while at Oxford.

The Action Agenda has been tasked with identifying priority actions that are immediate and address change in individual behaviour and including actions to facilitate change in the institutional structures and culture of college.

While the Action Agenda’s focus is to address anti-Black racism, it is also intended to serve as a platform to build on, to advance race equality and to promote equality and diversity more broadly.

Black Students’ Representative

One Action Agenda suggestion that has already been implemented is the creation of the position of Black Students’ Representative on the Graduate Common Room (GCR) Committee, to advocate for issues raised by Black students and coordinate programming that promotes student wellbeing and inclusion.  Josephine Agyeman-Duah (Jossey) has been elected to this position for the 2020-21 academic year.


For more information on the #DIFFERENTEQUAL digital campaign or to share any comments or thoughts, please contact communications@gtc.ox.ac.uk.

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