Shadowing Programme

About The Shadowing Programme

On Monday 9 December, Dr Nicholas Hicks, Associate Fellow and Lead for the Management in Medicine Programme, chaired the launch of the Management in Medicine Shadowing Programme 2020. One of the best ways of learning about management is to sit and walk alongside a manager as they go about their work. The Management in Medicine Programme provides opportunities for trainee clinicians to “shadow” NHS managers and others for short periods, typically two half-days.

The purpose of the shadowing is to give trainee doctors an insight into the activities of managers, how they go about those activities, and the issues on which they work. Managers involved have included NHS Trust Chairs and Chief Executives, Medical Directors, and a Director of Social Services.

The Shadowing Programme is open to all medical trainees, doctors in training, and postgraduate students with an interest in healthcare and healthcare management-related subjects. The demand for shadowing opportunities has historically exceeded the number of managers who have agreed to take part so priority is given to those who missed out on a manager in the previous year, those who attend the launch event, Green Templeton students and alumni, and doctors training in the Thames Valley area.

Shadows are required to write a short statement on what they hope to get out of the shadowing experience and to provide a short biography for the information of the Managers. The Shadows are then given contact details for their selected Manager and are responsible for meeting them to agree the shadowing arrangements. Once the placement is completed, feedback from Managers and Shadows is obtained to help in designing future projects.

Feedback from the 2018-19 Programme:

“A thank you from me to all those involved in this scheme, it was excellent and I really enjoyed this insight it has provided”.
“I found the pre meeting and post meeting discussion particularly helpful as it allowed tailored discussion on my career plans and what possible ways there were into management.”
“I thoroughly enjoyed my MiM shadowing and found it a very worthwhile experience”.
“As both a DPhil student and public health trainee, I found this shadowing experience highly valuable and insightful”.
“The shadowing placement was a fantastic learning opportunity”.
“The placement was an excellent extension to the knowledge I gained during MiM Seminars, adding a layer of real-life application and practical knowledge”.
“I found the shadowing programme to be invaluable in providing me with an insight into the structure and management of this busy NHS Trust”.


All queries about the Shadowing Programme should be directed to:

Yoland Johnson
Academic Projects Administrator
Green Templeton College
43 Woodstock Road