Accreditation of Management in Medicine Programme

Participant certification

MimfmlmThe Management in Medicine Programme (MiM) at Green Templeton College is accredited by the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management (FMLM).

Attendance at MiM events is open to anyone interested in the topics we cover, either single or multiple events. Those who want to follow a significant part of the programme can sign up for certification, accredited by the FMLM.

The current accreditation of the programme by FMLM runs until July 2023.  Historically, this programme has been delivered in-person at Green Templeton but was moved online as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. To enable those who may have started working towards certification during 2020-21, we commit to a significant online delivery of weekday evening seminars during 2021-22.  In addition, we hope some Saturday workshops may be possible in-person in 2022.

If you would like to receive a certificate of completion for this accredited programme, please follow these five steps:

1. Sign up

Sign up at the beginning of the academic year through the accreditation registration page.

2. Attend a selection of seminars and workshops
  • Individuals to record attendance and points achieved via a downloadable attendance tracking form (forthcoming)
  • The current duration of the FMLM accreditation is to July 2023 so the accredited pathway needs to be completed by that date. For those starting in the 2021-22 academic year this means completion within two years.
    • Note: As MiM is primarily an enrichment programme, attendance at all sessions is not required to achieve certification. Most attendees are able to comfortably cover the content over two years by attending around five sessions a year. It is however possible to complete the accredited pathway in one year by attending around 70% of sessions on offer.
    • Credits from the 2020-21 programme can be carried over to 2021-22 and 2022-23 to contribute towards completing the accredited programme.
  • Achievable in one year, can take up to three (the duration of the accreditation)
  • Note: 70% of events would need to be attended to achieve within one year
  • You will need at least 12 credits in each behaviour (self, team, corporate, systems) and 60 credits in total. More information on these behaviours can be found on this page
3. Participation in Shadowing Programme (optional).

The Management in Medicine Programme provides opportunities for trainee clinicians to “shadow” NHS managers and others for short periods, typically two half-days. Further information on the Shadowing Programme is available here. If you are interested in taking part in 2021-21, it is important to attend the launch (date to be confirmed). There are a limited number of places available and attendees at the launch event will take priority when allocating the shadows with Managers.

4. Reflections
  • Write a short reflective piece for each event attended
  • Write a final reflective piece on overall impact and plans to inform practice: what has been learned from the programme, how you might apply the learning in practice and what further actions you may take
  • Each reflective piece should be in the region of 400 words and submitted as one combined PDF.
  • The Faculty of Public Health provides guidance on good self-reflective learning
5. Submission and certification
  • In order to complete the assessed programme, a self-reflective piece for each session attended, along with the final overall reflective piece, must be submitted and signed off by the Management in Medicine programme
  • Submission of completed attendance form
  • Bi-annual submission dates (1 September and 1 March)

The process leading to accreditation 

The Management in Medicine Programme was originally designed specifically to meet the Medical Leadership Competency Framework, which correlates to the FMLM’s leadership and management standards for medical professionals.

Each workshop and seminar within the Management in Medicine Programme directly relate to these standards.  This led us to seek accreditation with the FMLM.

The FMLM’s leadership and management standards for medical professionals are articulated as a set of core values and behaviours designed to work across all career levels.

FMLM believes an effective medical leader is defined by how and what they do, under-pinned by why they do it. The ‘why’ is guided by the values espoused in the Seven Principles of Public Life and the General Medical Council’s Good Medical Practice .

The ‘how’ and ‘what’ medical leaders do is set out as behaviours which can be observed, measured and developed:

  • Self
  • Team
  • Corporate Responsibility
  • System Leadership

Programme accreditation

Each seminar and workshop is assessed against the Medical Leadership Competency Framework and, therefore, the FMLM Leadership and Management Standards for Medical Professionals.

Speaker self-assigned points have been moderated to give overall credits for each behaviour. This information for the coming academic year will be listed below as soon as it has been confirmed:

Accreditation launch

Dr Nick Hicks, Chair of the Management in Medicine Programme and Associate Fellow of Green Templeton, introduced the 2021-22 programme at the Management in Medicine accreditation launch and information session on 11 October 2021 including the process by which you can benefit from the accreditation. The Launch Presentation is available online or please contact Ruth Loseby if you require assistance accessing the information.


For any enquiries about the Management in Medicine Programme or the accreditation process, please email

For any enquiries about the Shadowing Programme, please email