Human Welfare Conference 2019

The 11th annual Human Welfare Conference took place at Green Templeton on Friday 17 May and Saturday 18 May 2019, with the theme: Innovate: Balancing Interests in Resource-Constrained Settings.

The 2019 conference drew speakers from around the world, bringing together academics, practitioners and graduate students to engage and debate the topic through lectures, panel discussions, student poster sessions, and student speaker sessions.

A number of Green Templeton Fellows were among the speakers including Dr Mara Airoldi, Professor Mike English, Dr Nick Fahy, and Dr Alexander Finalyson.

Principal Denise Lievesley Delivers Welcoming Remarks On Day One Of Hwc 2019

Principal Denise Lievesley delivers the welcoming address on day one of the Human Welfare Conference 2019 (Credit: Nuno Pereira)

Principal Denise Lievesley with the organisers of the Human Welfare Conference 2019 on Saturday 18 May 2019

The organizers of the Human Welfare Conference 2019 with Principal Denise Lievesley

Green Templeton Principal Denise Lievesley opened the conference by saying: “This is my fourth Human Welfare Conference and I’ve enjoyed and learned a lot at every single one of them. One of the fantastic things is the different perspectives that the students bring to issues.

“It’s very interesting this year’s theme focuses on two aspects that are very important to this college: one is that it shouldn’t just be rhetoric, that we should actually be looking at how we can make a difference, and the other is the whole issue of resource-constrained environments.”

Find out more about the different lectures and panels:

David Watson Memorial Lecture: The role of higher education and innovations in preparing students for working in resource-constrained setting

Keynote Lecture: What are the challenges in human welfare and what should solutions look like?

Innovation in Health Panel: What kind of innovations will drive future improvements in health?

Ethical Investment Panel: How can we drive human welfare improvements?

Eating Panel: Eating in a changing world system: balancing food, health and the environment

Speaker Session: Innovations in Health

Student Speaker and Poster Sessions

Innovation Workshop

Closing Lecture: How can we balance resources for education among urban and rural communities?

Videos from the conference:

Several sessions of the Human Welfare Conference 2019 were live-streamed via Gapeli:

Welcome remarks from Principal Denise Lievesley
David Watson Memorial Lecture (and Q&A)
Keynote Lecture
Ethical Investment Panel

The official photographer for the Human Welfare Conference 2019 was Nuno Pereira, MPhil in Comparative Social Policy.

Conference Committee:

The Human Welfare Conference 2019 was organized by the following Green Templeton College students:

Rachel Dixon, Co-Chair
Anna Vasylyeva, Co-Chair
Taylor Grossman, Communications Manager
Claire Weil, Speakers’ Manager
Rosemary Walmsley, Programmes Manager
Nadeen Ibrahim, Programmes Manager
Josephine Agyeman-Duah, Finance Manager
Keiko Kanno, Logistics Manager

David Watson Memorial Lecture: Professor Mrs Goski Alabi

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Keynote Lecture: Soledad Nuñez Mendez

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Panel: What kinds of innovation will drive future improvements in health?

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Panel: How can investment drive human welfare improvements?

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Panel: Eating in a changing world system

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Speaker Session: Innovations in health

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Student Speaker and Poster Sessions

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Innovation Workshop

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Closing Lecture: Balancing resources for education among urban and rural communities

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