Clinical Teaching

Green Templeton College is home to a large cohort of clinical medical students, remaining true to the mission of Green College to bring together graduate students in medicine, social science and related disciplines.

The college provides excellent academic support to cohorts on the ‘second BM’ – years four to six of the medical degree – and to those enrolled on the four-year Graduate Entry Medical programme (GEM).

Teaching comprises weekly seminars on core aspects of the curriculum, with regular bedside teaching in small groups during years four and six, and via tutorials in year six.

Green Templeton is the only graduate college to accept students on the GEM.

Clinical teaching is delivered by Joan and Richard Doll Clinical Tutorial Fellows and by a number of Teaching Associates, led by Dr Laurence Leaver. Dr Alexander Finlayson oversees support for students enrolled on the GEM programme.

Medical students are provided with a clinically-qualified College Adviser, who provides general academic support and guidance to students. Additionally, all students have access to the support provided by the Senior Tutor and College Office team.

The college offers a range of financial support for medical students, including Learning Grants to support academic activities, academic prizes, and access to additional elective awards and competitive funds to support engagement with conferences or fieldwork.

Additionally, GEMs are provided with an entrance bursary of £1,000 towards fees in year one of the course.

There is a thriving college medical society, the Richard Doll Society, offering regular social and academic events throughout the year.