Clinical Medical Teaching Programme

Green Templeton College is home to a large cohort of clinical medical students, remaining true to the mission of Green College to bring together graduate students in medicine, social science and related disciplines.

The college provides excellent academic support to cohorts on the ‘second BM’ – years four to six of the medical degree – and to those enrolled on the four-year Graduate Entry Medical programme (GEM).

Green Templeton College is home to a large cohort of clinical medical students whom we are proud to provide the highest standard of academic and welfare support to throughout their time here.

The cohort consists of:

Green Templeton does not have any students at the college from the standard pre-clinical course.

Our primary aim is to provide a holistic education which includes both learning opportunities and numerous enrichment activities to inspire and nurture a wide range of student interests (please see details below).

Learning Opportunities

Here is a snapshot of some of our regular teaching sessions on the programme:

  • Tuesday evening weekly seminars on core aspects of the clinical medicine curriculum (with sandwiches provided beforehand to enable students to catch up with each other!)
  • Small-group bedside teaching in Year 4 and Year 6 (both in Oxford and at other District General Hospitals)
  • Exam preparation sessions (e.g. OSCE circuits including history-taking and communication skills, fundoscopy practice, ECG teaching and MCQ practice)
  • Various workshops held throughout the academic year including suturing skills, laparoscopic/ultrasound machine teaching, and interview practice in Year 6 for Specialised Foundation Post (SFP) jobs.

The teaching programme is delivered by a friendly team of Tutorial Fellows (called Doll Fellows) and Teaching Associates.

Three Individuals With Medical Equipment On Covered Table

Enrichment Activities

Many of these are run in conjunction with the Richard Doll Society – GTC’s thriving student-run medical society.

Some examples include:

  • Regular social events throughout the year, e.g. ‘Year 4 Welcome Event’, ‘Many Medics Dinner’, and end-of-year dinners with Tutorial Fellows/Teaching Associates
  • Access to a wealth of conferences organised at GTC in medicine, social sciences and all related disciplines with world-renowned speakers
  • Access to the highly acclaimed Management in Medicine programme (link to ‘management in medicine’) and other courses
  • Workshops such as ‘Coding for Medicine’ and ‘Alternative Careers’
  • ‘Academic Matching Scheme’ – this is where students are matched to current Fellows or alumni of GTC to gain advice (and potentially work experience) in areas such as research and management or leadership skills
  • A full day workshop run by the students for underprivileged school children considering applying for Medicine at the University of Oxford.

Richard Doll Society's Ella Dunlop And Emily Morris Lead Workshop Session On Writing Personal Statements Cropped

Academic and Welfare Support

The happiness of our students is very important to us. Therefore, each student is able to seek support for academic and welfare issues from:

Read on to find out more about why GTC is a wonderful place to apply to for clinical medicine!