Teaching at Green Templeton

We are grateful to any doctors who are kind enough to approach us to teach our wonderful students.

The Green Templeton College medical intake is approximately 100 students. This is made up of 32 clinical students per year and 4 graduate-entry students. We do not have any students doing the standard pre-clinical course.

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Formal Teaching
Ad Hoc Teaching
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Formal Teaching  – ‘Teaching Associates’

  • Each year we select up to 30 ‘Teaching Associates’ (TAs) who provide approx. one hour per week of bedside teaching for small groups of 4th or 6th year students in Oxford mainly (but also at local district hospitals).
  • We also recruit TAs in each of the 5th year specialties (Community & Primary Care, Ortho/ Rheumatology/A&E, Women’s & Reproductive Health, Paeds, Neuro/Eyes/ENT, and Psych).
  • TAs are expected to help at occasional evening seminars where multiple tutors are needed (e.g., mock OSCE circuits). College-based teaching is optional for students and must not interfere with their timetabled teaching from the medical school or patient care so usually teaching occurs after 5pm or at weekends.
  • TAs are appointed for Y6 and Y5 in July, and for Y4 in December or January. TAs must have an honorary or NHS contract which allows them to see patients in the clinical environment in which they teach. Very rarely a TA may be recruited to provide purely classroom teaching. TAs must have the legal right to work in the UK even though they are not paid.
  • Most TAs are core or specialty trainees (and often alumni of the college). However, any grade of doctor will be considered. We aim to appoint TAs for 12 months but will consider 6 months as a minimum. We are keen to renew contracts based on good student feedback as this provides continuity for the students.

Benefits of being a Teaching Associate

Ad Hoc Teaching – ‘Teaching Helpers’ 

Some very good teachers want to teach but are unable to apply to become TAs because they cannot commit to regular teaching/minimum duration of contract, or their specialties require ad hoc sessions to fulfil the teaching curriculum (e.g. Public Health, GUM, Dermatology, etc). We would still like to hear from such doctors and keep their contact details on a mailing list of ‘Teaching Helpers’.

These ‘Helpers’ might teach an occasional seminar on a subject of their interest or assist with evening seminars which require multiple tutors, e.g. mock OSCEs, fundoscopy practice, ECG teaching or history taking in small groups, practice interviews for Specialist Foundation Posts (SFPs, previously known as Academic Foundation Posts (AFPs)), etc.

While these ‘Helpers’ do not have any formal status at the College they are invited to some social events and academic seminars, and they may become TAs at a later stage if circumstances permit.

Find out more

The team would be delighted to hear from you should you be interested in teaching at Green Templeton. Please email any queries to our lead Doll Fellow for TA/’Helper’ Recruitment Dr Robert Conway at robert.conway@gtc.ox.ac.uk.


Teaching Associates are appointed twice annually

  • July – deadline for applications is 1 June at 17:00
  • January – deadline for applications is 1 December at 17:00

All applications should

  • Include an up-to-date Curriculum Vitae
  • Include details of all known future clinical rotations/activities
  • Use the subject line ‘Apply to Teach at Green Templeton’ in the email
  • Be sent to student.admin@gtc.ox.ac.uk

Please note that applicants can expect to hear the outcome by the end of June or December depending on the application window. Applications sent in earlier will be pooled on file and reviewed all at once following the next deadline.