Student Welfare

There are many people within Green Templeton College who can assist you with issues that are affecting your health and welfare.


The Dean is responsible for welfare in the student body, ensuring that the college’s policies on welfare are being observed and reacting to individual cases as these arise. The Dean is ex officio Chair of the Student Welfare Committee.

Junior Dean

The Dean works closely with the Junior Deans, who act as key liaison figures between the college and students.

The Junior Dean role is currently shared by two Green Templeton students: Kirsty Harper and Javian Malcolm.

They are the first point of contact for students experiencing issues that affect their welfare, no matter how big or small they are.

In case of emergency, telephone the Junior Dean mobile: +44 (0)7868 185963.

College Adviser

Your College Adviser can provide pastoral support, for example on health, personal or coping issues, and/or direct you to appropriate persons for assistance.

Pastoral Adviser

Emeritus Fellow Professor John Lennox, the college’s Pastoral Adviser, offers advice, dialogue and support from the standpoint of a person of religious faith – in his case that of a practising Christian – to members of the college’s community who may wish to turn to him, regardless of their faith.

Harassment Advisers

Green Templeton does not condone the bullying or harassment of any of its members, by any of its members.

Students who feel that they are being subjected to bullying or harassment by another member of the college can seek advice from the Green Templeton Harassment Advisers, or refer to the University website for additional external support services.

Green Templeton’s Harassment Advisers:

University Counselling Service

The University has a professionally-staffed, confidential Student Counselling Service for assistance with personal, emotional, social, and academic problems.

The Student Counselling Service is available free to all matriculated undergraduate and graduate members of the University.

University Sexual Harassment and Violence Support Service

The University Sexual Harassment and Violence Support Service is for any students, regardless of age or gender, who have been affected by sexual harassment or violence. It provides free support and advice, and a safe place to be heard independent of your college or department.