Workshops and Seminars 2019-20

The Management in Medicine Programme ran a series of workshops and evening seminars during the 2019-20 academic year. Details of these events can be found on this page.

People, not workforce

Saturday 27 June 2020 10:30 to 12:00

Speaker: John Drew

This session set out and discussed the key themes of the NHS Interim People Plan – developed with the bold aspiration to make the NHS ‘The Best Place to Work’, improve the leadership culture and close the staffing gap which the NHS faces. View John Drew’s seminar slides (PDF).

Update from the USA – health care in the age of COVID-19

Monday 1 June 2020 from 18:45 to 20:15

Speaker: Professor Timothy Hoff

Examining how care delivery organisations, their personnel, and patients are affected by the current pandemic, with lasting implications for what health care will look like in the future.

Economics and the NHS – Where is the value in that?

Wednesday 27 May 2020 from 18:45 to 20:15

Speakers: Jacque Mallender

Exploring the economic paradigm of the NHS, and how economics can help grow value through cycles of improvement. View Jacque Mallender’s seminar slides (PDF).

Recognising, understanding and managing conflict between patients and health professionals

Monday 23 Mar 2020 18:45-20:15

Speaker: Oscar Mathew

Breakdowns in communication and trust and ever increasing expectations of treatment and care can result in conflict. The impact on all those involved in terms of time and emotion can be enormous.

Completing projects in life and work

Monday 24 Feb 2020 18:45-20:15

Speaker: Oscar Lyons

This interactive session will introduce and apply some fundamental tools and tricks for getting projects finished.

The art and science of making improvements in healthcare

Saturday 8 Feb 2020 09:30-13:00

Speakers: Dr Tony Berendt & Dr Anny Sykes

This highly interactive workshop will focus on how to implement change in the clinical environment.

Making better decisions in life and work

Monday 20 Jan 2020 18:45-20:15

Speaker: Professor Richard Canter

This interactive session explores the powerful biases, illogical wishful and overconfident thinking that characterises many of our decisions.

Shadowing Programme 2020 launch

Monday 9 December 2019 18:45 to 20:15

Dr Nicholas Hicks, Associate Fellow and Lead for the Management in Medicine Programme, chaired the launch of the Management in Medicine Shadowing Programme 2020.

Unconscious processes in healthcare organisations: taking a different perspective on clinical and leadership challenges in the NHS

Saturday 30 November 9:00 to 14:00

Dr Tony Berendt, Leadership Development Consultant, and Dr Ivor Byren – Director of Medical Workforce at Oxford University Hospitals, explored how a psychological approach to work, organisation and each other can help us to deal with the turbulence and troubles that so often seem to beset us in the NHS.

Spreading and scaling up innovation and improvement: what can we learn from complexity theory?

Monday 11 November 2019 18:45 to 20:15

Professor Trish Greenhalgh, Senior Research Fellow, Green Templeton College and Professor (Clinical) of Primary Care Health Sciences, Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, University of Oxford led a session on taking a systems view of innovation and improvement and applying different theoretical lenses to the study of spread and scale-up. View Professor Trish Greenhalgh’s slides (PDF).

The NHS at 70: where did it come from; how does it compare; and what is its future?

Monday 30 September 2019 18:30

Professor Robert Arnott, Associate Fellow, and Dr Nick Fahy, Research Fellow, led this seminar exploring how the NHS came into being, how it was originally managed and operated, and the series of significant structural and policy changes that have shaped the modern NHS. View Professor Robert Arnott’s slides (Powerpoint)